Every week, KAZoART finds new artists with the help of its expert selection committee. Our recent arrivals include 10 painters with unique artistic approaches and distinct styles. Both well-known and emerging, they exude creativity onto paper and canvas, all for your visual pleasure!

Our Top 10 Fine Art Painters to keep your eye on:

1. Rolf Saint-Agnès

With work hinged upon the unapologetic use of colour, Rolf Saint-Agnes’s art sets the tone. His subject matter, which varies from Paris-scapes to the king of the jungle, is a pictorial force to be reckoned with when combined with the colours used by Pop Art icons such as Warhol, Lichtenstein and Keith Haring.

Though fond of travel, Rolf Saint-Agnès also finds inspiration in his studio in Tarn, which offers striking views of the rolling hills in the southwest of France. This artist has exhibited in major cities such as Paris, New York and Stockholm.

A Selection of his Works

2. Leïla Gaillard

More than just a landscape painter, Leïla Gaillard’s paintings present an atmosphere of disturbing strangeness and disconcerting tranquility wherein she invites the spectator to question the real and unreal.

Graduate of the Vincennes School of Fine Arts , Leïla Gaillard sees nature as more than just a source of beauty. She views it as a way to question the past, present and future.

A Selection of her Works

3. Thierry Lefort

A fan of rural and urban landscapes as well as interior scenes, Thierry Lefort stands out through his precise and rigorous lines. With a strong artistic background, this art professor shows great purity in his brushstrokes, colours and process.

Whilst in the province of Henan in China, Thierry Lefort was drawn to Chinese calligraphy from a very early on. He later individualised the practice and in result, has won many awards and prizes.

A Selection of his Works

4. Inki

With markers and brushes in hand, Inki creates vibrant portraits bursting with energy. By linking abstract to figurative and black to colour, her subjects carry a high emotional charge. This visible vulnerability gives way for a deeper understanding of her work.

Originally from the Lyon region of France, Inki is a self-taught artist who is determined to put her thoughts on paper. She aspires to and succeeds in creating controlled chaos through a bright profusion of colours.

A Selection of her Works

5. Catherine Guinot

Catherine Guinot’s story can be revealed by simply “reading” her paintings. Aerial views, satellite shots and ultra-coloured stripes give way to psychic landscapes and light waves.

This artist plays between mediums, supports and subjects to create harmony or tumult, depending on how you look at it. Catherine Guinot is an explorer, guided by her instinct, which at times leads her and sometimes restrains her.

A Selection of her Works

6. Enrique Perez

Enrique Perez has always sought symmetry and balance in his compositions. Principally inspired by Rembrandt and Bacon, he presents the human body in all its complexity. The artist’s unique style plays with light, shadows and agitated bodies.

When he was only about ten years old, Enrique Perez discovered painting during a holiday in Spain. Since that day, nothing has been more important to him than drawing, painting and engraving.

A Selection of his Works

7. Ralau

In a free-handed style, Ralau crafts powerful and colourful compositions wherein the ideas of opposition and fusion have a strong presence. Her world is animated by infinite plant, animal and anatomical metaphors.

As a child, Ralau, whose real name is Laura Costa, was passionate about fiction. She taught herself and developed her imagination to the point of bringing it to life through the prism of her whimsical drawings.

A Selection of her Works

8. Olivier Massebeuf

Olivier Masseboœuf’s attention-grabbing figures are endlessly intriguing. Realistic and expressive, they shine with a majestic presence. Dancing forms and realistic postures are the beating heart of his work.

A fan of music and drawing, Olivier Massebeuf enjoyed comics, singing and playing the piano during his younger years. His unique treatment of the human anatomy echoes the work of Egon Schiele, which was already a resolutely modern approach for the time.

A Selection of his Works

9. The Hyde’s Asylum

Not shying away from clashing colours, The Hyde’s Asylum questions the concept of what a portrait should be and how it can be interpreted. The artist brings his subjects’ darkness to the surface, creating both beautiful and untoward images.

After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, The Hyde’s Asylum refined his style to create emotionally-charged work that is tinged with surrealism.

A Selection of his Works

10. Ines Khadraoui

Moving shapes and dissolving colours allow Ines Khadraoui to express her perception of the world. Using light and floral tones, she manages to translate the complexity of emotions, which remains a fundamental element in her work.

Ines Khadraoui took her first steps into the world of visual creation while studying at a design school in Paris. Expanding her practice to include multiple techniques has made her more eager than ever to create.

A Selection of her Works