Christmas is right around the corner and thus begins the season of gift-giving and receiving. This year, why not give something original like one-of-a-kind artwork! Even those who are difficult to shop for will appreciate a work of art…it suits everyone! KAZoART has made a list of things to keep in mind as you go about choosing the perfect one!

KAZoART is here to guide you through the search for the right work of art for your loved ones this Christmas…

1. Ask about the recipient’s tastes

We all know that styles and colours vary depending on the individual. That said, in order to give a work of art, you don’t need to have an enormous file on the recipient, just a minimum amount of information. Knowing their favourite colour, preferred vacation spot or hobby is the perfect starting point.

Yu Zhao, Banian

Ask yourself: who are their favourite artists, favourite artistic movements? If any? Above all, your recipient should be moved by the work you choose, whether it be enthusiasm, admiration or nostalgia.

2. Set your budget

Determining your budget will also help narrow down your choice. At KAZoART, art is within everyone’s reach…

Eric F., Lower Manhattan

Contrary to popular belief, art doesn’t have to be expensive! Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in the KAZoART catalog. With works under £500, giving art is accessible for everyone.

3. Harmonise the work with their interior decoration

Ideally, you’ve seen the inside of their living space and can therefore match the work with their existing decoration. If this is the case, it’s important to think practically. For someone who lives in a studio, a 2 metre-wide painting isn’t ideal. And don’t limit yourself to the living room, art can go in the bedroom, kitchen or office!


Colour is of course an important matter, but you should also keep a certain style in mind (i.e. bohemian, urban, shabby chic, minimalist, zen, rustic, etc.). A work of art must harmonise with the room but it’s also not against the rules to let your art be the pop of colour that draws the eyes in.

4. Don’t give them something you wouldn’t want to hang in your home

So you’re shopping paintings and have a few favourites in mind. But would you want to have these hanging on your walls at home? To choose the right work, it is important to think about what your reaction would be if someone gave it to you!

If you like it but couldn’t see it hanging on your walls then it might not be the right choice. On that same note, don’t fall into the extreme case of only gifting art that only appeals to you with no regard for the preferences of the recipient.

5. Opt for a bit of customisation

Customising a work of art can take on several forms. The most common type is to frame it. A simple matting, along with a metal, wooden or coloured frame can add an aesthetic yet personal touch. If this appeals to you, KAZoART has a selection of works for purchase that are already framed!

Laurent Minguet, Firestone Miami

This personalised touch adds to the work’s ability to immediately harmonise with the room’s decoration. Another thoughtful addition would be to ask the artist for a personal dedication. This is a free service that everyone should take advantage of!

And if after your search, you still haven’t found anything that you’re completely sold on, make things simple and give them a KAZoART gift card. The gift of choice is just as good!