In today’s digital age, we are constantly given new ways to incorporate art into our lives. Knowing how to look at a work with a critical eye is a must but what exactly does that mean? In this article, KAZoART will help you make the most of your art-viewing experience whether you’re looking to buy or simply having a glance, we’re here to assist you in enjoying art online!

Our advice before buying art online on

1. Focus and admire

Above all, ignore everything else around you and concentrate on what’s in front of you.

2. Behold the work in its entirety

To properly admire a work as a whole, you need to have a well-rounded vision of its dimensions. Thanks to the internet, we can now view it “globally” without budging an inch. Whether it measures in metres or centimetres, we can view it all the same with high photographic quality.

3. Admire the details

Now that you’ve observed it as a whole, it’s time to lean in a little closer and examine the fine details. No need to stick your nose in the screen, you can use the zoom feature by clicking on the work.

Again, thanks to technology, we can now view the smallest corner of the smallest work without getting a stiff neck. This obviously wouldn’t be possible during an exhibition when the canvas is 4 metres tall!

4. View the work to scale

Grace by CALIXTE in an interior

Being aware of the work’s actual dimensions is crucial, especially if you’re considering buying it. Use KAZoART’s “View it in an interior” function to see how it would look in a real-life situation. You will likely be pleasantly surprised!

5. Don’t skip the product description

Example of the technical product description

Then consult, if you haven’t already done so, the details of the work (medium and materials used, dimensions, etc.). In the same way that viewing it in a simulated interior setting is useful, it is just as handy to have quick access to additional information such as the complete presentation of the work or the artist’s biography.

Example of a product description, as written by the artist.

6. Go back to it

Now that you’ve done your research, go look at the artwork again! You now understand it in its essentiality and will further enjoy it.

7. Use your memory

Close your eyes and picture the work. Open your eyes and note the differences between your memory and its actual representation. This little exercise will teach you a lot about yourself and your perception. For example: what were the first things you remembered and why did you forget some of the most important details of the work?

8. Dig deeper

Biography of KAZoART artist, Jo Ouisse

Do you like this work? If so, don’t hesitate to ask about the artist and their other productions. The artist biography is a first step in understanding the creator’s approach. You can also request information from KAZoART’s online advisors using the live chat on the bottom of your screen. Be curious, ask questions, fall in love with your art and the process!