The LOg project was launched in 2014 through the collaboration of two abstract artists: Mea N. Ambrozo and Nicolas Maffre. Their minimalist staging reveals static interiors where two imaginary worlds complement each other to form a secret space with cinematographic accents. KAZoART invites you to meet this spectacular artistic duo and learn more about their process!

LOg's work on KAZoART

K. How was the LOg collaboration begun?

It was painting that brought us together. The first time we met was in Paris in the gallery with which we collaborated. As two abstract artists, we had been working in parallel in the same studio for many years.

Rencontre avec LOg - KAZoART
Mea N. Ambrozo and Nicolas Maffre / DR

In 2014, following a significant event in our lives, the idea of creating a figurative project was born. The love of nature and architecture is part of our daily lives but also part of our artistic journey.

Our interest in Land Art, minimalism, light and dark and strong colour has created a balance within the project’s development. Our choice of name comes from the English word “to log in”. Meaning to connect. In other words, to connect with the history of the scene and the painting.

K. How does a typical work session go?

A working session begins with a visual proposal which is then followed by research. A conversation will take place in order to discuss the preliminary drawings. Most often, Nicolas takes the initiative in the sketching and then Mea will add in the fine details.

Rencontre avec LOg - KAZoART

Nicolas is a master of painting nature while Mea brings the drawings to life through her use of colour and complimentary architecture.

The choice of name comes from the English term: to log in, to connect with the spectator.

K. What are your preferred mediums and materials?

We exclusively use linen canvasses, acrylic paints and water-based varnishes. We seek quality in the products we use but also strive to not pollute the environment.

K. Who or what are your artistic influences?

LOg, Scène 143

Our inspirations are varied: Land Art, morpho-ecology, nature, minimalist design, abstract painting, American Indie cinema, literature, music, etc. Minimalism, which sometimes joins surrealism, is a guiding principle of our work. Then again, nature and landscape is always at the heart of our work.

K. Were any paintings more difficult to make than others?

The minimalism of our works implies that no detail should be neglected. Large figurative formats are more tedious to execute. Putting details in the foreground can make it more difficult to carry out.

K. Interiors and architecture are recurring topics in the LOg project, for what reason(s)?

LOg, Scène 121

Our interest and curiosity are focused on aesthetic subjects. The project evolves over time. We love playing with shadows and light so architecture was naturally an amazing way to convey that. Presenting the viewer with a scene that is taking place from the inside out gives them the opportunity to contemplate beyond the walls through large open spaces.

K. How do you explain the absence of the human figure in your work?

LOg, Scene 137

The human figure is not an absolute necessity. There are portraitists, landscape artists, narratives and others. Works by LOg are paintings of a brief moment in time, cinematographic and dreamlike. Nature is a central character in the work, as is light and architecture. We have all of our essential elements.

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