Supporting, Empowering & Celebrating Female Artists

On the eve of International Women’s Day, we are celebrating 10 female artists who have won us over through their unique way of capturing the beauty in the world around them. Abundant flora, ultra-saturated architecture, moving family portraits or sublimated human bodies, we are both inspired and transported by their creations!

Let’s Celebrate 10 Female Artists:


Thirst for discovery and a hunger for cultural experiences are the hallmarks of YBAH’s work. Passionate about traveling, she fell under the spell of the picturesque streets of Prague in 1994. She then realized her first painting.

But it is in Rome, in front of Michelangelo’s Piéta that her desire to sculpt was born. Pursed lips, a distant gaze and weathered hands…physical nuances are taken to the forefront in her work.

Her sculptures praise and embrace “defects” as she magnificently renders a human body utterly sublime. Beauty, authenticity and sensuality nourish her artistic expression.

Our 3 favorite works

Rêves croisés

Bronze sculpture (43 x 42 cm)

Domino n°1

Bronze sculpture (37 x 42 cm)


Bronze sculpture (24 x 24 cm)

Chloé Tiravy

As a scenographer, Chloé Tiravy orchestrates the lighting and the choreography of her subjects. This young artist explores gender and cultural heritages in a unique portraiture style. 

Her paintings are theatrical, generous and grandiose. Tiravy seeks to portray androgynous beauty, highlighting the many forms of femininity and masculinity. Her approach is not only modern, but noble, romantic and mysterious.

Our 3 favorite works


Oil painting (146 x 200 cm)

Est-ce une olive ? est-ce un citron ?

Oil painting (24 x 33 cm)

Femme sauvage au boa

Oil painting (135 x 200 cm)

Emmanuelle Lemetais

After 10 years in interior design, architecture and furniture design, Emmanuelle Lemetais chose to make her hobby, painting, her new profession.

Her work has found a unique balance between playful and mature through the use of bright, flashy colors juxtaposed with architectural and natural subject matter. Her enchanting creations adeptly walk the line between figurative and abstract.

Our 3 favorite works

Partir là-bas

Acrylic painting (80 x 80 cm)

Sous-bois bleu

Acrylic painting (100 x 100 cm)


Acrylic painting (80 x 80 cm)

Marianne Quinzin

Originally from Grenoble, Marianne Quinzin was influenced by its striking mountain colors from an early age. Keeping this inspiration close to her heart throughout her life, she devoted herself entirely to painting in 2004.

Immersed in a journey between figuration and abstraction, Marianne Quinzin paints using only her memory and imagination. Her canvases are sprinkled with ink, acrylic, and often with flecks of gold leaf that embellish the entire work.

Our 3 favorite works

Pollen dance

Mixed media (130 x 92 cm)

Tomorrow flowers

Mixed media (50 x 61 cm)

Pure abstract – pink

Mixed media (65 x 100 cm)


Natch’s oeuvre glimmers and boasts multiple influences. Nude drawing, sculpture, Street Art, graphic design and Indonesian art shape and fascinate this young artist from the South-West of France.

An ode to joy, femininity and perhaps Matisse, her scenes celebrate life itself.
She imagines faces or compositions made of simplified silhouettes, capable of telling stories.

Most often using acrylic paint on canvases or even walls, Natch approaches existentialist themes by questioning our relationship to ourselves, to others, to money and to nature.

Our 3 favorite works


Acrylic painting (89 x 116 cm)

Take off your mask

Linocut (30 x 42 cm)


Acrylic painting (89 x 116 cm)

Aline Wiest

With her fresh botanical compositions, Aline Wiest offers a breath of fresh, revitalizing air. Her works are luminous, sublimating nature before, during and after the rain.

Born in Lorraine, she now lives and works in Paris. Her liberated gesture allows her to work with the unexpected, the impromptu.

Sometimes on canvas, sometimes on cardboard, Aline Wiest’s works are a beautiful pictorial poetry.

Our 3 favorite works

Bulles d’air

Acrylic painting (80 x 80 cm)

Mer d’outre-mer 2

Acrylic painting (74 x 60 cm)

Coulée verte d’orpiment

Acrylic painting (146 x 114 cm)

Carole Charbonnier

Floral, feminine and fleeting, Carole Charbonnier’s work is set in the abyss of still lifes. She glorifies these little lives that we rarely notice, and yet reflect a part of our humanity.

Her work exposes the fragility of all lives while celebrating their transient nature.

“To bring back to the fore the living, the one that exists only through its extinction. Biodiversity is collapsing, to become aware that in the disappearance of a passerine, of an insect it is a part of ourselves that disappears.

Our 3 favorite works

Grive rose

Mixed media (40 x 50 cm)


Digital photography (75 x 100 cm)

Le merle

Mixed media (26 x 38 cm)

Nathalie Leverger

Nathalie Leverger paints, cuts, molds, glues and knits. Such is part of the process she uses to recreate and curate the landscape around her.

Very attached to her artistic freedom, she lets herself be carried away by an instinctive materialistic approach.

Very often, an object, smell or color will give her the artistic direction to follow. Leaving room for “accidents“, she unashamedly assumes her penchant for textile patterns and volumes that enhance her compositions.

Our 3 favorite works

Petits laminaires 2

Oil painting (25 x 25 cm)

Laminaires à Ouessant

Oil painting (120 x 120 cm)

Petits laminaires 1

Oil painting (25 x 25 cm)

Marie-Thérèse Tsalapatanis

Around the age of 10, Marie-Thérèse Tsalapatanis attended the Louvre’s Decorative Arts classes and later attended the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris where she developed a real interest in studying live models.

With an eye for the human figure and all its complexity, Marie-Thérèse Tsalapatanis has been sculpting bronze for many years. Her works, which can be found both in public and private collections, have been rewarded with some fifty prizes and distinctions.

Working with the raw material, the artist gives the beautiful part to the body, often feminine, and depicts it in all stages of life.

Our 3 favorite works


Bronze sculpture (29 x 30 cm)


Bronze sculpture (26 x 74 cm)


Bronze Sculpture (56 x 35 cm)

Christiane Rancelot

After working in Lille from 1998 to 2009, Christiane Rancelot now works on large format paintings near Bordeaux. Her works are regularly exhibited all over Europe and in North America.

Her depictions are familiar and touching, although the subjects’ true identities will remain forever unknown.

A mother holding her child in her arms, a face partially covered with flowers, a body delicately floating in a swimming pool: such are the scenes of everyday life that animate her work.

Our 3 favorite works

Inès 2

Oil painting (120 x 120 cm)


Oil painting (130 x 97 cm)

Swimming pool – Louna 6

Oil painting (100 x 100 cm)