On 22/2/2022, KAZoART will take another step in its involvement in Web3 and NFT art by inaugurating its virtual art gallery in the CryptoVoxels metaverse. Our “Genesis NFT” collection will showcase some of our leading digital artists who have created exclusive NFT collections.

NFTs, A New Opportunity for Artists

NFT artwork “Lockdown” by the artist Notseig

In 2021, KAZoART dove right into the NFT market and became a pioneer of sorts by organizing the first NFT art sale in France to be hosted by an online art gallery. Its virtual NFT art gallery was first launched in April 2021, putting KAZoART as the head of NFT art websites.

KAZoART’s artistic direction team has made a preliminary selection of about twenty artists to launch its “Genesis NFT” collection in its online NFT gallery. These artworks will be revealed in the opening of KAZoART’s NFT Gallery, which will take place on 22/2/2022, in partnership with OpenSea.io, a leading platform in NFT sales.

See what all the buzz is about and explore our collection of more than 170 exclusive NFTs in styles just as diverse as they are intriguing, exclusively on KAZoART’s NFT art website.

NFT Artwork “Conjuring” by the artist Frank Schroeder

“With our artists, we had an educational role to explain the basics of how NFTs work and how interesting they could be for them. We also reassured them, because cryptocurrencies and the blockchain can be scary. Finally, we guided them in their artistic inspirations.”
Mathilde Le Roy, Founder of KAZoART

KAZoART, The 1st Online Art Gallery to Launch its NFT Art Gallery in the Metaverse

NFT Artwork “Circuit 1 – 1/1” by Morgan Paslier

Numerous luxury brands, sports brands, and even mass-market retailers have already claimed their land in the Metaverse in recent weeks by creating their own NFT art galleries. As they open locations in these virtual spaces under the form of online NFT sales and NFT art galleries, we understand the new, innovative and powerful windows of visibility the metaverse can provide.

“It’s very exciting to explore new uses. It makes sense that KAZoART, which has always been at the crossroads of the art world and the digital realm, would accompany artists in this ever-evolving market. The Web3 version of the art world is on the move, and the potential in NFT artworks is immeasurable!”
Mathilde Le Roy, Founder of KAZoART

NFT Artwork” BOW-NFT-WTF” by Alina(lalala)

KAZoART will inaugurate its virtual NFT art gallery on 22/2/2022 with a reveal of its “Genesis NFT” exhibition, a curation of 20 NFTs chosen from the 170+ in KAZoART’s NFT art gallery on Opensea.io.

Using your computer or smartphone (or a virtual reality headset), you can have a virtual stroll around the online NFT gallery to see and buy NFT art in our Genesis NFT collection. You can purchase them directly by clicking on the NFT that catches your eye!

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