On April 15, the International Day of Art, KAZoART is launching an online auction made entirely of NFT art (Non Fungible Token). In partnership with OpenSea.io, one of the most important platforms of NFTs, KAZoART has selected 5 of its leading artists, who have each created original and exclusive NFTs for this auction that will take place from April 15-22, 2021.

NFTs: A New Form of Digital Ar Taking the Art World by Storm

The recent health crisis has undoubtedly changed the way people buy. The art world is no exception. From closed galleries, postponed fairs and cancelled exhibitions, art lovers have found a creative alternative for buying art. Thanks to the recent rise in digital art marketplaces, this task was easier than ever.

NFTs are the latest innovation to shake up the digital world. An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token: a certificate of authenticity of a digital work hosted on the blockchain. These certificates are unforgeable. Once acquired, they can be exchanged or transferred via the blockchain, transparently and securely.

Each NFT is unique, traceable, authenticated, and allows one to own all or part of a digital asset.

Their popularity has been growing at an exponential rate since the beginning of the year. And beyond a few flashes of brilliance in the auction rooms, thousands of artists have found a way to promote their creations and reach new audiences.

It is this creativity and exchange enabled by the digital realm, this energy seen among the millions of art lovers, geeks, and crypto fans on social media, that inspired KAZoART to bring this new art form to its audience.

KAZoART, First Online Art Marketplace to Feature Crypto Art

Already committed in its approach to supporting artists, KAZoART now goes further and inaugurates the first NFTs sale on a global scale. On April 15, International Day of Art, KAZoART will launch its NFTs auction in partnership with the American platform OpenSea.io.

At KAZoART, we have been following the NFTs phenomenon closely for several months. It brings with it new life to the art market. Beyond the very speculative aspect, it allows us to reach a new public and announces a real revolution in the very codified world of art where a work’s provenance and authenticity are central subjects.

As a pioneer online art gallery in France, this sale allows us to give a foothold to 5 of our leading artists to give them visibility in this new market of NFTs. We believe in the potential of crypto art, the visibility it can give to artists and the future developments it will bring.

Mathilde Le Roy, Founder of KAZoART

KAZoART will thus propose to art lovers and investors alike original digital artworks, made by 5 French artists for an exclusive auction from April 15th to the 22nd.

The 5 Participating Artists In This Auction

Morgan Paslier

Morgan Paslier, a creator of photo montages and digital works, offers a collection of NFTs in a very “geeky and colorful” style!

Alex Saman

Game artist and video game designer by day, Alex Saman spends his nights painting. He has even created an exclusive collection of gifs for this sale!

Romain Bonnet

Romain Bonnet, an artist from Montpellier, reinterprets the female portrait in a thousand and one ways. Sensuality, fantasy, grace, mystery: the woman as you have rarely seen her.

Cécile Mirande-Broucas

Cécile Mirande-Broucas, young Parisian artist proposes dynamic compositions, animated by flat planes of bright colors.


RamZ’s work is beautifully inspired by Arabic calligraphy. He revisits it in his own way with the codes of his “geek” generation!

How does it work?

Before diving into the deep and beautiful digital ocean that is Opensea.com, there are a few steps to follow, the most important of which is the creation of your digital wallet (or your cryptocurrency wallet). You will need to add money to this wallet in order to purchase NFTs.

Opensea uses a cryptocurrency called Ether. To purchase one of the works by our KAZoART artists, you will need to have access to this currency.

Metamask is the digital wallet that OpenSea suggests for Google Chrome users. It stores your ETH (Ether) and processes transactions on the blockchain. Not to worry, other wallets are also available for those who use different browsers.

Don’t hesitate to consult this article which will guide you step by step in the appropriation of your Cryptocurrency Wallet. You will then be able to acquire one of the beautiful works made especially for this first NFTs sale by an online art gallery!