100 x 100 cm
Peinture à l'Huile sur bois
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Cristina Migliorini

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A propos de l'oeuvre  

This artwork is part of a series which I started in Paris, in November 2015, while I was working on a project on Migrants. After terrorist attacks of Nov 13th I started working with darker tones and especially with black (I must say also that I've always admired Velázquez' and Caravaggio blacks and chiaroscuro). In any case this new series reflects the way I feel now, after what has happened in Paris (and now, in Brussels too) and also in relation with the present political and social situation we are living in Europe. The path I was already following (the quest for one's identity, the route, the interior journey as a way of introspection) is represented by these snapshots from the past, these mental frames of a reel which is our life. They intentionally look like old pictures, old frescoes, stories that are revealed by scraping walls.


A propos de l'artiste  
Drawing has always been innate in me since childhood, and it has accompanied me all my life. To me, art creation is something totally spontaneous, impulsive and self-explorative, rich in allegories, which takes us closer to spirituality, transcending pure vision, letting us find secret correspondences between the objective world and subjective feelings.

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