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Our selection of Mixed Media paintings


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Roseline Al Oumami - Moment de douceur
Roseline Al Oumami
Mixed media
60 x 60 cm
Valérie Depadova - Un oiseau dans la tête
Valérie Depadova
Mixed media
20 x 50 x 2 cm
Maïlys - Nuit brune
Mixed media
65 x 50 cm
Pascal Marlin - Petite fille au ruban
Pascal Marlin
Mixed media
40 x 50 cm
Valérie Auriel - Nous avons cueilli des plantes
Valérie Auriel
Mixed media
50 x 65 cm
alina(lalala) - Untilted #03.03.22
Mixed media
41 x 90 cm
Constance de Maistre - De retour
Constance de Maistre
Mixed media
110 x 75 cm
Marianne Quinzin - Fleurs sur l'eau
Marianne Quinzin
Mixed media
50 x 61 x 1 cm
Lucie Lith - Toujours suspendu
Lucie Lith
Mixed media
89 x 116 cm
Marie Christine PALOMBIT - Grande calligraphie organique 7
Marie Christine PALOMBIT
Mixed media
80 x 120 cm
Anne Iris - Primitive 4
Anne Iris
Mixed media
41 x 33 cm
Nathalie Sizaret - Ensemble
Nathalie Sizaret
Mixed media
20 x 20 x 2 cm
François Pagé - Le jeune fleuve caressait ton corps avec l'innocence d'un novice.
François Pagé
Mixed media
54 x 65 cm
OLIVIER MESSAS - Expression libre II
Mixed media
80 x 100 x 2 cm
Nathalie Si Pié - Doux pissenlit
Nathalie Si Pié
Mixed media
30 x 40 cm
Sven Pfrommer - WATCHTOWER XI
Sven Pfrommer
Mixed media
100 x 100 x 3 cm
Georges DUMAS - Non Temere
Georges DUMAS
Mixed media
100 x 100 x 2 cm
Viviane Beaufumé - Staying alive 2
Viviane Beaufumé
Mixed media
100 x 100 cm
Clara Crespin - Le passage du temps
Clara Crespin
Mixed media
100 x 100 x 2 cm
Brigitte Di Scala - Après le bain
Brigitte Di Scala
Mixed media
50 x 70 cm
Christian Dugardeyn - Where is my lovely Chanel?
Christian Dugardeyn
Mixed media
89 x 116 x 2 cm
Leberloa - Sans titre
Mixed media
80 x 80 cm
Maria Esmar - Fairytale Land
Maria Esmar
Mixed media
120 x 100 x 4 cm
Nathalie Lemaitre - Les fenêtres
Nathalie Lemaitre
Mixed media
73 x 92 cm
Flore Betty - Esquisse sur stuc 69
Flore Betty
Mixed media
50 x 70 cm
Pierre Calogero - Sophora
Pierre Calogero
Mixed media
65 x 81 cm
Fabien Delaube - BRUT
Fabien Delaube
Mixed media
40 x 58 cm
Tarek - Urban
Mixed media
46 x 38 cm
Antoine Massiani - Visitiirenze
Mixed media
50 x 65 cm
Benedicte Gele - Horse Memory 6t
Mixed media
40 x 40 x 2 cm
Jenna Delattre - L'amirale
Mixed media
80 x 80 x 3 cm
Morgan Paslier - Notorious 6
Morgan Paslier
Mixed media
50 x 50 x 2 cm
db Waterman - YOU OUGHTA KNOW red
db Waterman
Mixed media
48 x 63 cm
Magalie Ors - Via - la neige
Magalie Ors
Mixed media
100 x 100 cm
GRAFFMATT - Don't hold back
Mixed media
100 x 150 cm
Cécile Duchêne-Malissin - Sœurs
Cécile Duchêne-Malissin
Mixed media
46 x 33 x 3 cm
Tanya Angelova - Formes 12
Tanya Angelova
Mixed media
92 x 73 cm
Albane De Saint Remy - Des secrets
Albane De Saint Remy
Mixed media
80 x 80 cm
L'insecte - Saute la barrière
Mixed media
131 x 72 x 3 cm
Catherine Maddens - Big bang painting
Mixed media
162 x 130 cm
Thierry Boitier - Grande terre grise
Thierry Boitier
Mixed media
146 x 154 cm
Aline Wiest - Plâtre confiné 14
Aline Wiest
Mixed media
27 x 20 cm
Florkey - One love
Mixed media
40 x 60 cm
Misako Street Art - Wonder marilyn
Misako Street Art
Mixed media
60 x 80 cm
Astrid Steenbrink - Encre grattée et souliers noirs
Astrid Steenbrink
Mixed media
65 x 81 cm
Erik Bonnet - all we need is love
Erik Bonnet
Mixed media
20 x 70 x 3 cm
Nadine Defer - Un jour, peut être
Nadine Defer
Mixed media
80 x 100 x 4 cm
Hanna Sidorowicz - Face à face 2020
Hanna Sidorowicz
Mixed media
40 x 30 cm
Solen Floch - Dynamique du vide
Mixed media
130 x 162 cm
Altone Mishino - Osaka
Altone Mishino
Mixed media
60 x 60 cm
Yu Zhao - Clair de lune
Yu Zhao
Mixed media
27 x 33 cm
Florent Cordier - Grande femme assie.
Florent Cordier
Mixed media
75 x 110 cm
Geert Heirbaut - Kowalsky Days - At the barber shop
Geert Heirbaut - Kowalsky Days
Mixed media
70 x 100 cm
Julien Chazal - Gestuelle bleue
Julien Chazal
Mixed media
57 x 42 cm
Arnaud Franc - Le ciel à porté de main
Arnaud Franc
Mixed media
89 x 130 x 3 cm
Papa Mesk - Multi mesk n°32
Papa Mesk
Mixed media
50 x 60 cm
Patrick Deby - Mirocaldero Olé
Mixed media
60 x 42 cm
Amandyne Steropês - Série: gladiator
Amandyne Steropês
Mixed media
36 x 36 cm
Valérie Chrétien - Scène de vie
Valérie Chrétien
Mixed media
40 x 40 x 3 cm
Wile - Who is the boss...?! n°2
Mixed media
58 x 77 cm

They may be increasing well-known now, but this was not the case prior to the 21st century. For a long time, artists from many cultures have been exploring the possibilities this technique has to offer. For KAZoART artists it is a limitless source of creation and expression that will not fail to surprise and captivate you! Here is an overview of our best mixed medium paintings for sale!

Famous mixed medium paintings and artists

It was already quite common to mix ink and pigments for landscape paintings in Asian art during the 15th century. In France, in the 19th century, Edgar Degas associated several techniques on some of his canvases, in La Répétition de ballet (1876-1877) or sculptures, including La petite danseuse de quatorze ans (1881). In England, to name but one, William Turner had already painted Scarlet Sunset (1830-1840), with a mixture of gouache and watercolour. They are, of course, not the only ones, and as of the 20th century, cubist Georges Braque, used mixed medium for his work Compotier et cartes (1913). Paul Klee in Fish Magic (1925), Pablo Picasso with Tête d’homme (1969), Wassily Kandinsky and Spitz im Werck (1927), are just a few examples of famous mixed medium paintings. 

Andy Warhol, a pioneer in many respects in the artistic scene of the 20th century, helped establish the reputation of acrylic for its powerful colours and readily associated with it oil paint, ink and pencil.

Using mixed media: how and why?

Mixing techniques is a spantaneous reflex that artists have had for a long time, all around the world, to optimise the number of possible colours and textures. To achieve effects such as opacity, transparency, brightness, texture and superposition, a single technique, even if well mastered, may not be sufficient. However, some combinations of mixed mediums are more successful than others.

There are three main media families: dry, wet and oil. A painted canvas can easily be used in combination with a pictorial technique and a dry medium such as pencil or pastel. However, painting can belong to all these families: the pigments in their raw state come in powder form  and William Turner applied them to his canvases dry before adding water. Watercolour, meanwhile, is wet, more or less concentrated, like gouache, and dries quite quickly. Acrylic, which dries easily, is often associated with oil, provided that a specific order is followed. Guidelines must be respected for each medium to respect its composition, some combinations may, in the long run, damage a work of art, such is the case when water is added to oil, and causes rot.

Many artists do not simply use artistic media to create their pieces and search their surrounding environment for inspiration. Sand, rice powder, feathers, leaves, and earth are just a few examples of the natural materials that can be used to further enhance works of art.