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Service Clients KAZoART
Meet Charline, Elsa and Laurel (from left to right)

Meet Our Customer Service Team

Thanks to Marion, KAZoART’s Artistic Relations Manager, we were recently able to give you some precious advice on how to find the perfect work of art from the KAZoART catalog.

Today, we would like to introduce you to our Customer Service Team, whose number one goal is of course to make every online art purchase experience run efficiently and smoothly.

The department is headed by Elsa, who takes care of our French customer service and all corporate relations. Then we have Laurel, who spearheads our international development and also Charline, who runs logistics. This dream team strives to anticipate and meet every need of our faithful buyers and collectors!

Let’s Meet Elsa, Manager of KAZoART’s Customer Service & Corporate Relations

Hi, Elsa, can you tell us more about your background and what led you to work at KAZoART?

I am passionate about art, which led me to study Art History. Life has taken me to every corner of France and as I moved around, I had to find a job that suited my ambitions. I first worked in an art gallery and then in the toy business.

I made my way between art and business. I then moved to Bordeaux and joined the KAZoART team in September 2019. I now have it made!

Elsa de KAZoART

What are your main responsibilities at KAZoART?

I am in charge of Customer and Corporate Relations. I work in collaboration with Charline, in charge of Logistics and Laurel in charge of International Development.

Service Clients KAZoART
A day with the KAZoART Customer Service Team

We’re a trio and our mission is simple: to make the experience a smooth and hassle-free one. We accompany collectors throughout their acquisitions: from the very early stages of their search all the way to the delivery of the artworks.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Service Clients KAZoART
Laurel and Charline

After a good cup of coffee, we answer our buyers’ requests, by email and phone. We’re in constant dialogue with our artists so can we provide collectors with all the information they need before placing an order. Client satisfaction and ease is our priority!

For you, working for KAZoART is…

Challenging, rewarding and exciting. I am in contact with art lovers and artists all day long, surrounded by works of art…and incredible colleagues.

Can you tell us about some of the most interesting or exciting sales you’ve made?

This is the magic of my job, even from a distance I can create strong links with our collectors, who are passionate and curious. I enjoy learning about their lives, their interests and then seeing how these experiences play into their taste in art.

Service Clients KAZoART
Elsa from KAZoART

I was struck by a custom commission from the artist Lucie Lith. The buyer wanted the artist to be inspired by a photo of her two children. At the end of it all, I really felt like I had been able to meet the family…and the final piece was amazing!

Let’s call this my little nod to Barbara Chapoutier, a business consultant and buyer who has called on KAZoART many times for her bed and breakfast and coworking spaces. She has acquired quite the impressive collection and we keep telling ourselves that it’s time to meet over a seated dinner!

For me, the best part is receiving photos of the works once they are hung or installed. I have the that priceless gratification of having accomplished my task.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking for a piece of art and doesn’t know where to start?

Contact us of course! We’ll get to know you and try to guide you in your search for the perfect match!

Elsa’s Favorites

Alain Pontecorvo

Vue sur l’express 27 – 3
Oil Painting(60 x 73 cm)

Anthony Squizzato

Yogi Bird
Acrylic Painting (60 x 80 cm)

Nathan Chantob

Oil Painting (81 x 146 cm)

Valérie Buffetaud

En partance
Mixed Media (50 x 50 cm)

In Customer Service, we also have…

Laurel, Head of International Development

American-born and perfectly English/French bilingual, Laurel joined KAZoART in March 2019.

Her forte? The American touch she brings to the table. But it’s not just that! Every day she works with the customer relations team, the artistic relations department, and with our marketing team. She’s currently focusing all of her energy on the development of our market across the Atlantic.

“It’s such a joy to connect with collectors and art lovers from my home country! As we add artists on a weekly basis, I look forward to flicking through our new talents and thinking of which collectors will first eye their work, or how we can incorporate them into one of our newsletters or social media posts…

I hold it a privilege to discover an artist whose work moves and excites you and then be able to share it with KAZoART’s international community!”

Laurel’s Favorites

Amanda Rackowe

Midi au musée
Oil Painting (97 x 146 cm)

Virginie Bécourt

La vague
Textile Sculpture (58 x 58 cm)

Florent Chrétien

Digital Photography (40 x 30 cm)

Giovanni Gelmi

Nœud sur demi-lune
Metal Sculpture (43 x 90 cm)

Charline, Head of Logistics

Charline recently came to complete the team and she brings with her, an unparalleled expertise on the transport of works of art.

“My main mission is to select and set up the most suitable logistical solution for each work of art depending on the medium and country of destination. In doing so, I also work with the artists and partner carriers to optimize its protection throughout the process.”

This added value has strengthened our already passionate and dynamic team who seeks to make art accessible to as many people as possible. It’s a daily challenge but so very rewarding!

Charline from KAZoART

Charline’s Favorites

Yves Célaire

Bronze Sculpture (23 x 107 cm)

Pia Chang

Éclosion de la lumière
Graving (20 x 30 cm)

Charlie Bobo

Bonne nuit les petits
Oil Painting (50 x 65 cm)

Etienne Eczet

Ballerine en lumière
Illustration (30 x 40 cm)