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KAZoART artist since 2021


French sculptor, born in 1962, my studio is in Nîmes. My work finds its strength in the materials, the first was the wood, The plant world, the outer space, the underwater world, are among the many subjects of my inspirations. The discovery of Alexandre Calder inventor creator of the mobile, Was for me a blow of heart a revelation (to make mobiles to seek balance) This is how I start working on my first sculptures in motion, very influenced by the master. My work today has evolved into a more personal search, A construction between materials, shapes, colors, masses, composition, balance. From the implementation of stainless steel, aluminum, porcelain, mother-of-pearl, each element is shaped and assembled by hand, each piece is unique. From my imagination, I compose, I balance, I color and the air operates the magic of mobile! The lines represent the elements of nature, shapes to infinity ... To explore the matter to penetrate inside to know it better, to revolutionize it of my light dreams. From the "family of mobiles": elements suspended at the end of a long thin and curved stems, a light foliage twirling at the slightest breath, to the "family of stabilized constructions of sheets assembled together at various angles by bolts and laid on the ground, Another family of sculptures, the herbaceous plants on their long stainless steel rods ending in carefully polished wooden buds, land on the ground and let themselves be contemplated as imaginary landscapes. So happy dreams!

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D.U. of trainer SUFCO Paul Valéry Montpellier University

CAP Ornamental Sculptor Ornamental Sculptor CFPC of Châteaurenard

Art’n Pepper Gallery House, Belgium

Brigitte Capy Gallery, Hossegor, France

Gallery l’atelier d’art Geca, Grimaud, France

Casa el Portico Gallery, Marseille, France

Remise de la médaille des métiers d’art du Gard présenté par le Rotary Tour Magne Nîmes, le 18 juin 2007 au château Silhôl Nîmes 1er prix du travail manuel, mérite personnel du Rotary international 1760 District de France Présenté par le Rotary Nîmes Tour Magne, a été décerné pour l’année 2007 à Toffy Denis Remise du diplôme le 2 juin Palais du Pharos Marseille

The 10 works of artist TOFFY

Grandes feuilles
Ceramic Sculpture
310 x 100 cm
Private sale -10%
Le baiser
Metal Sculpture
117 x 100 cm
Stabile - créature hybride
Metal Sculpture
110 x 100 cm
Private sale -10%
Stabile - Papillon fleur sans tige
Metal Sculpture
140 x 140 cm
Créature rose
Metal Sculpture
120 x 60 cm
Metal Sculpture
40 x 50 cm
Stabile - créature agrume
Metal Sculpture
130 x 90 cm
Mobile "legerete et transparence"
Metal Sculpture
170 x 90 cm
Creature Cerise
Metal Sculpture
160 x 100 x 160 cm
Mobile "Orange"
Metal Sculpture
160 x 110 cm

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