Nîmes (30), France
3 works

A French sculptor, TOFFY lives and works in Nîmes in communion with Nature: the plant, underwater and interstellar worlds inspire him on a daily basis. His work finds its strength in the materials. The lines represent the elements of Nature, the Infinite... From her imagination, she composes, balances, colours and the Air works the magic of mobiles.

"In my work as a sculptor, it is very important to explore the material, to penetrate the interior to get to know it better and then tame it! My journey, my passion for materials, the fascinating idea of moving sculpture, led me to the poetry of mobiles.

From the use of stainless steel or aluminium, the creation of moving sculptures by mechanical assembly, to the use of vegetable or mineral materials, I shape each work with love and commitment. Whether it belongs to the MOBILE family (elements suspended at the end of a long thin and curved stem, a light foliage twirling at the slightest breath) or to the ARACHNIDES, the PAPILLONS family (constructions of sheets assembled together at various angles by bolts and laid on the ground) or whether it is HERBATED (their long stainless steel rods ending in carefully polished wooden buds, rest on the ground and can be contemplated like imaginary landscapes). So, happy dreams!" TOFFY

D.U. of trainer SUFCO Paul Valéry Montpellier University

CAP Ornamental Sculptor Ornamental Sculptor CFPC of Châteaurenard

Art’n Pepper Gallery House, Belgium

Brigitte Capy Gallery, Hossegor, France

Gallery l’atelier d’art Geca, Grimaud, France

Casa el Portico Gallery, Marseille, France

TOFFY's artwork

Mobile "tendres feuilles"
Mobile "tendres feuilles"
Metal Sculpture (47 x 35 in)
Mobile  feuilles rouges
Mobile feuilles rouges
Metal Sculpture (114 x 47 in)
Mobile " grand nénuphar "
Mobile " grand nénuphar "
Metal Sculpture (110 x 39 in)

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