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Réjane LeChat
Réjane LeChat

Réjane LeChat


KAZoART artist since 2018

61 works sold

92 works

As a self-taught artist, Réjane Le Chat knows how to juggle her passion for sculpture and her different professions. Highly interested in forms, her works are emotional and linked to the human condition.

A creation centered around the human paradox

Without wanting to restore their exact proportions, Réjane Le Chat relies on the shapes of individuals. She draws inspiration from human paradoxes and emotions which inevitably creates a feeling of intimacy.

The artist looks beyond the visible and finds a balance between the contrasting ideas of strength and sensitivity.

Materials that allow for exploration

Réjane Le Chat combines glass, bronze, stone and steel in her works. These materials allow for the artist to play with the shapes of her works. Though each has its own limits and constraints, when combined, the possibilities are endless.

Through the use of varied material, Le Chat hopes to transmit and share her vision of what it is to be human. She seeks to make emotions palpable and evoke a sense of togetherness amongst those who view her work.

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In sculpture, Réjane is self-taught. When she is interested in a style or a material, she looks for a tutor and then it is her personal work, her imagination, her research that guides her. After having been a hairdresser and clinical psychologist, sculpture is her only activity since 2014.

The workshop is open every first Sunday of each month and by appointment Some pieces are visible at the restaurant "L’Auberge du pont d’Acigné" in Noyal (35) Permanent exhibition at the hair salon "Enfin Seuls" in Rennes (35) To come: Guest of honor at the Salon d’automne de st James (50) from 13 to 28 October Salon Terre et Flammes in Chantepie (35) from 1 to 4 November Salon art et créateurs Amnesty international in Rennes on 1 and 2 December Salon des arts du feu in Rennes (35) from 13 to 16 December

2018 : JEMA St Sulpice la Forêt (35) / Auberge du pont d’Acigné Noyal sur vilaine (35) / Salon Rotary Chateaubourg (44) / Salon d’automne St James (50) Guest of honour

2017: Arts du feu Rennes (35) / Salon Amnesty International Rennes (35) / Salon terre et flammes Chantepie (35) / Tour des arts Kervignac (56) / 7 chapelles en art Guidel (56) / JEMA St Sulpice la forêt (35)

2016 : Amnesty International Rennes (35) / Artist’s residence (6 weeks) Matha (17) / Julie Wallois Cancale Gallery (35) / Bressuire sculptors’ orchard (79) / Bronze wolf Rennes (35) / emblem of the brand "Enoa Ménaille" Autumn Salon St James (50) Sculpture prize "Tout Seul".

2015: Courant d’Art Cancale (35) / Salon d’automne Liffré (35) / Art3f Rennes (35) / Amnesty International Rennes (35) / Orchard of Bressuire sculptors (79) / Special mention "Conseil de sages Biennale Internationale d’art contemporain "Le temps des sirènes" Larmor Plage (56) / Gallery "Dominique C" Pont-Aven (29) / Gallery "Terre de contraste" Dinard (22)

2014: Sillon d’art St Briac sur mer (35) / Carentec Summer Salon (29) / Galerie du Garage Nantes (44) / Biennale "petit format" Lorient (56)

2013: "AAC" Gallery Rennes (35) / "Artmonti" Gallery Paris (Ile St Louis) Quai des Arts Nantes (44) / Arts du feu Fondation Gianadda- Martigny (Switzerland) / Salon de peinture Thorigné Fouillard (35) Guest of honour

Invitée d'honneur 2013 Salon de peinture Thorigné Fouillard (35) 2018 Salon d'automne St James (50) 2015 Verger des sculpteurs Bressuire (79) Mention spéciale « Conseil de sages 2016 Salon d’automne St James (50) Prix de sculpture « Tout Seul »

The 92 works of artist Réjane LeChat

The artist Réjane LeChat's series

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Series - Réjane LeChat Sculptures

Réjane LeChat - Contre jour petit n° 4
Metal Sculpture
35 x 67 cm
Réjane LeChat - Réconfort 5/8
Bronze Sculpture
14 x 40 cm
Réjane LeChat - Conseil de Sages
Bronze Sculpture
49 x 42 x 20 cm
Réjane LeChat - Le gardien d'écume 1/8
Bronze Sculpture
20 x 56 cm
Réjane LeChat - Le coureur I/IV
Bronze Sculpture
54 x 21 cm

Series - Réjane LeChat Peintures

Réjane LeChat - Avec une pomme
Mixed media
80 x 80 x 3 cm
Réjane LeChat - Le pichet bleu
Mixed media
80 x 80 x 3 cm
Réjane LeChat - Le Bouquet jaune
Mixed media
60 x 60 x 3 cm
Réjane LeChat - Les Flacons
Mixed media
73 x 60 x 3 cm


Réjane LeChat - Contre jour 2 grand
Metal Sculpture
45 x 108 cm
Réjane LeChat - Résiste 2/8
Bronze Sculpture
36 x 56 cm
Réjane LeChat - Le coureur 2/8
Bronze Sculpture
53 x 20 cm
Réjane LeChat - Réconfort 6/8
Bronze Sculpture
15 x 29 cm
Réjane LeChat - Un gardien
Bronze Sculpture
9 x 26 cm

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