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Laure Polin
Laure Polin

Laure Polin

Confirmed artist

KAZoART artist since 2018

35 works sold

62 works

If, by definition, a sculptor works and models space, when I sculpt I perceive the space that is offered to me and of which my works will have to take possession; I do not shape my works from the outside, as a stone can be attacked by the chisel, but on the contrary I shape them in the very depths of their intimacy; I do not perceive any fundamental difference between a form that we call abstract or a form that we call figurative. Whether I make a bust, or make an abstract sculpture inspired by an interior model, I simply seek to create living forms. A living form is a pulsating, solid, tenuous form, which establishes a sound relationship with another form. A sculpture is a set of volumes that echo and hear each other. From this agreement harmony must be born, my sculpture belongs to the field of discovery. When I sculpt, I don’t try to illustrate a pre-established form, but I build a form that makes me recognize the feeling I have, and in the beginning is indecision: the open field of so many forms, so many possible destinies. Indecision leads to research: with my hands on the stone or my hands in the plaster, I look for a trace, a print, a reference point, a memory in the material, a clue... I cut, I sand, I push the material, then something happens; a tiny detail sometimes, like an echo or on the contrary like a call. I recognize an eye, a back, a vertebra, the sketch of a framework, a construction, a movement... In reality I recognize the beginning of a soul (of my soul...), the beginning of a structure, the beginning of a work... Then the sculpture takes shape... From a multitude of mysteries, in the middle of the dust of the workshop, I constantly try to reveal this form. The one I wore without my knowledge, the one that was buried in the matter?...whatever, it will be the one that will emerge from all my sensations of the present moment... The meaningful and symbolic forms or postures revealed by my desire will then calligraphy the matter that I will give to read. Half figurative, half abstract, my art travels between the two: in the curves and the delineated, faces, bodies, sensations, movements, rhythms are born, in this ballet of sensations, sometimes mythological creatures emerge, inviting allegories and memories, inviting the spectator to enter into the dance.

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From 1990 to 2000, worked in the studio of Max Figerou, sculptor and graduate of ENSBA.

1991 A.D.A.C. Modelling course and moulding technique

1992 E.N.S.S.B.A. : modelling internship

Sept 98 - June 99 Plastic expression training ESAA Duperré

Sept 02 - June 03 Earth and fire training, casting techniques

Open house ATELIERS de Montreuil

Espace Scipion Martine Brebant/Laure Polin (Paris V)

Salon Nantes Interval

Cecile Charron Gallery

Château Lavaux Festival (Belgium)

Art event Namur (Belgium)

Croissant Gallery (Brussels)

Toulouse (ART3F)

Sculpture Biennale (Paris XI)

Shanghai Art Fair (China)

Guangzou Art Fair (China)

O’Fish Parade (Orléans).

Prix de sculpture de la ville de Conflans Ste Honorine

Prix de sculpture de la ville de St Jean le Blanc

Médaille de bronze de l’Académie des Sciences des Arts et des Lettres

The 62 works of artist Laure Polin

The artist Laure Polin's series

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Series - BRONZES

Laure Polin - Fin hivernale
Laure Polin
Bronze Sculpture
12 x 20 x 12 cm
Laure Polin - L'âme des arbres
Laure Polin
Wood Sculpture
64 x 16 x 16 cm
Private sale -10%
Laure Polin - La révérence
Laure Polin
Bronze Sculpture
60 x 120 x 40 cm
Laure Polin - Le cyclope
Laure Polin
Bronze Sculpture
5 x 20 x 3 cm
Laure Polin - La petite arène
Laure Polin
Bronze Sculpture
30 x 30 x 15 cm


Laure Polin - Megaptere
Laure Polin
Stone Sculpture
40 x 47 cm
Laure Polin - L'ardoisier
Laure Polin
Mixed media
30 x 50 cm
Laure Polin - Feuile
Laure Polin
Stone Sculpture
15 x 28 cm
Laure Polin - Vue du ciel
Laure Polin
Stone Sculpture
45 x 29 cm
Laure Polin - L'ancien
Laure Polin
Stone Sculpture
8 x 29 cm

Series - vendues

Laure Polin - Nale
Laure Polin
Stone Sculpture
5 x 28 cm
Laure Polin - Parure de fête
Laure Polin
Stone Sculpture
8 x 23 cm
Laure Polin - Désir
Laure Polin
Stone Sculpture
30 x 58 cm
Laure Polin - La mémoire
Laure Polin
Bronze Sculpture
7 x 25 cm
Laure Polin - Poisson abyssal
Laure Polin
Stone Sculpture
7 x 27 cm

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