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Atelier Delattre

Atelier Delattre

  • KAZoART artist since 2018
  • 6 works

"Concrete, a raw material with a strong cultural resonance, is its main working base. He sculpts it, uses its properties to create a painting, a lamp, a table. Recently, he has diversified his work by drawing inspiration from paintings known to the general public.

Through various techniques, he proposes fragments of monochrome works that question the viewer about the vision he has, what he sees and what he has already seen. He extracts the complexity of things through the simplicity of the material, shapes and colours used. His work expresses a vision of what could be, but leaves room for the realm of possibilities. It reworks without distorting, transforms without replacing what has already been done.

Through his works, he creates a particular proximity, an original experience of the spectator/actor in front of the object/work. He questions about space, light, structure, matter. It enriches the "already there" by allowing everyone the freedom to interpret what is before them. Very perfectionist both in the theorizing and in the realization of his works, he nevertheless leaves room for the unpredictability of materials and their reaction. Each painting or object reflects the artist’s demands and his almost mystical vision of poetic omnipresence. "Camille Muller

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Atelier Delattre - Mona lisa 70
Mixed media
50 x 77 cm
Atelier Delattre - Nimbe nnl 01
Mixed media
100 x 81 cm
Atelier Delattre - Nimbe nnl 00
Mixed media
28 x 35 cm

Atelier Delattre's Career



2018: 197 Design, Brumath

2018 : Villa Casella, Strasbourg

2014-2015-2018 : Josephine Pavilion, Strasbourg

2015 : La Manne, Paris

2014: ST’ART contemporary arts fair, Strasbourg

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