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Bordeaux (33), France
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Luca Eno Trimaldi, painter and architect, was born in Naples on April 21, 1979. From a very young age, he fuelled his passion for drawing and painting on the walls of the suburbs where he grew up. This ability quickly focuses on writing (graffiti). It is from 1992 that he begins his studies for the construction and composition of the letters constituting his tag which will become the central object of his artistic production. In 1998, when he started his studies in architecture, he officially joined the KTM crew. Group among the pioneers of hip hop and graffiti in Italy. The crew nurtures and reinforces his determination and passion for art. This encounter became fundamental in his artistic career, and led him to be invited to numerous jams and graffiti exhibitions in Italy between 1998 and 2006. He created his first works on canvas in 2000. Writing remains the main or even unique subject of his work. In 2007, he moved to France and founded the SCRIPT workshop-architecture and graphic art. He now practices his painting outside the conventional networks dedicated to "street-art", his works are almost exclusively in the street. In 2014 he founded the EXIT association to promote the permanence or opening of spaces for pictorial expression in the street. At the same time, he works as an architect as a designer and project manager.


1998-2006: University education > Diploma in architecture at the University of Rome III (Università degli Studi di Roma Tre). Research topic: "Ponticelli, identity of a suburban district; the architectural project as a re-territorializing act."

> Fifth year of study in architecture: first semester at the School of Architecture and Landscape in Bordeaux, second semester at the Faculty of Architecture in Rome III (2002-2003)

> Fourth year of study at the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Granada (Spain, 2001-2003) > First year of studies in architecture at the Faculty of Architecture Federico II (Naples, 1997-1998)


1992 - 2018: Study of the letters of the alphabet and their composition in the WILD STYLE

1998 - 2006: Architectural studies

2007 - 2018: Creation of SCRIPT, an architecture and graphic arts firm

2014 - 2018: Creation of the association EXIT - for the promotion of urban art

EXHIBITIONS (since 2005)

2016 : EXIT - Saint-Emilion Bridge Project in partnership with the City of Bordeaux / Guest Artist

2015: EXIT - Project at PARC AUX ANGELIQUES in partnership with Bordeaux-Euratlantique / EXIT guest artist, graffiti Jam Bordeaux

2014: Creation of the association EXIT / Guest artist OPEN SUMMER JAM, graffiti jam Toulouse / Guest artist BORDEAUX SOUS LES BOMBES, graffiti jam Bordeaux

2014 - 2016 : Guest artist BACK TO THE STYLE, graffiti jam Naples

2014 - 2015 : Guest artist DO IT YOUR SELF 4 and 5, graffiti Bordeaux

2010: Guest artist LUMEN - collective exhibition Salerno (Naples)

2007: Guest artist BAZARONE, national collective street art exhibition, Naples / Guest artist SM°, Rome

2006: Guest artist A3, Naples / Production of a documentary "Schelettri fuori dall’ armadio" / Exhibition "Eterotopy", mural painting workshop with children / Production of a short film "+ amore" / Guest artist at WMW 2006, production of a collective mural work.

2005 - 2006: Artistic director of CANZANOMALIA, national graffiti meeting, Canzano.

2005 : "Catanzaro rappresent" mural painting competition organized by the Province of Catanzaro / "Scritto senza inchiostro", Museo Archeologico di Teano, mural work during the inauguration / Collective mural work during the HI-FIGHT days for the "sleepless nights" in Rome / Collective exhibition "quarantotto segnalibri disegnati dai writers", art gallery SANGIORGIO, San Giorgio a Cremano / mural work as part of the project "167XSCAMPIA" / Individual exhibition M.A.C. (Maniere A Confronto), Galleria d’Arte 47th floor, Roma.

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Mixed media (400 x 200 cm)

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