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Sophie Garapon
Sophie Garapon

Sophie Garapon


KAZoART artist since 2018

53 works

Sophie Garapon lives in Bordeaux, and has been trained in painting and nude workshops for about thirty years. At first, it was a question of transcribing an impression of landscape approaching the figuration, on the motif, in nature, tasting silence, light and colours, with pastels, but already it was floating like a small note of strangeness or mystery. The enchantment, the dream, has crept into his painting and figures have invited themselves, perhaps it is an emergence of questions about the loneliness of man, his finitude, and jumbled, his entanglement in nature, the anguish of the meaning of life... In a veranda workshop open to the sky and light, the works emerge, located between reality and imagination on canvas, wooden and paper panels, oil painting and mixed techniques. We can retain a certain influence of symbolism, including Odilon REDON, a painter of Bordeaux origin. Since 2010, his works have been regularly exhibited in the offices of town halls and shops. She was awarded the Grand Prix de la ville d’Eysines (Gironde) in 2012 and the Prix de la municipalité de Coutras (Gironde) in 2015, which acquired one of her paintings entitled Rust and Water. Artistic philosophy: This painting tries to treat from a flat surface an opening towards other temporal and spatial dimensions where nature mixes with the human. As in mythology, which tells fabulous stories between characters and nature. Imagination blends with reality. This work evokes the future of man and the transmutation of man into nature in the natural cycle of life and death, which leads to questions about the meaning of life, fundamental questions about existence and the possible transcendence of thought and the state of being. This work can be approached as an opening on the position of a human being in an environment of consumerism, which leaves aside a spiritual elevation of man. Press and criticism: Emmanuel BALLANGE 2016 " Sophie Garapon paints enigmas: in the middle of puddles a head emerges, she looks at us, as surprised as we are by this strange trade. No anecdotal meaning imposed, the essential is not there. Sophie Garapon is trying to put our tongues in the mud. For this purpose she herself forged her tools; no one could say precisely how these paintings are made. Where does the content come from? Is it the content or the form? Is this plan close or far away? Sometimes we border on abstraction. Well aware of the infinite complexity of beings and things, Sophie Garapon is careful not to guide us in a possible decoding of her works. It leaves us, in a salvific question, as if suspended... "Patrick MARECHAL the Republican 2017" Sophie GARAPON’s paintings are a mixture of abstract with soft shades inspired by the serenity of nature, with reminders of human life in the form of diaphanous silhouettes, present but a little unreal like nymphs or ghosts. And it is this mixture of mythological characters and nature that makes his paintings difficult to classify because they are between real and imaginary. »

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Ballangé painting workshop (Bordeaux - 33): since 2008 L’Atelier aux Chartrons (Bordeaux - 33) : Nude after models, 2013 - 2014 : Mary workshop (Bordeaux-33) : Nude after models, since 2015


2018: Salon des arts et de la création de La Brede (33), November / Dormitory of the monks Brantôme (Périgord), August / Salle Seudr’expo la Tremblade (17) June

2017: Creon Tourist Office July-August (33) / Sauveterre de Guyenne Town Hall March-April (33)

2016: Restaurant "Le petit palais" in Bordeaux (33), February

2015 : Open house of the Artists’ workshops in Bordeaux, September

2013: Gallery of the "Cité de l’eau" in Amphion-Publier (74). "From reality to imagination", May-June

2012: "Les Mots Bleus" tea and book fair in Bordeaux, November

2010: "Reg’art" Gallery in Bordeaux, January


2018 : Art3f Bordeaux, oct-nov / Galerie d’Art la Tannerie Nérac (47), July

2017 : La Maison de l’Autre at Bouscat (33), October / Salle des fêtes de Caudrot (33), February

2016: Exhibition "Transcendance culturelle", in partnership with Papa Gora Seck alias Geuz, Senegalese artist, Bordeaux, October

2015: Salle du "Moulin albigeois" in Albi (81), November / Restaurant "Le Beaubourg" in Bordeaux / Salle des fêtes de Coutras (33), April

Coutras (Gironde-33) : avril 2015 Prix de la municipalité de Coutras

Eysines (Gironde-33) : mai 2012 Grand prix de peinture de la ville d’Eysines

The 53 works of artist Sophie Garapon

The artist Sophie Garapon's series

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Series - dans l'attente

Sophie Garapon - Rambarde
Oil painting
92 x 78 cm
Sophie Garapon - Dans la lumière
Oil painting
80 x 128 cm
Sophie Garapon - Au musée
Oil painting
96 x 70 cm
Sophie Garapon - Un jour
Oil painting
92 x 80 cm
Sophie Garapon - La bête
Mixed media
21 x 31 cm

Series - la Nature et des Hommes

Sophie Garapon - La brume
Oil painting
80 x 60 cm
Sophie Garapon - Ode à la nature
Oil painting
68 x 97 cm
Sophie Garapon - Le chêne
Oil painting
68 x 97 cm
Sophie Garapon - L'arbre et le soleil
Oil painting
120 x 140 cm
Sophie Garapon - La  nature de l'homme
Oil painting
62 x 82 cm

Series - Elément Eau

Sophie Garapon - Poséidon
Mixed media
68 x 86 cm
Sophie Garapon - La cascade
Oil painting
65 x 102 cm
Sophie Garapon - Un temps suspendu
Oil painting
50 x 70 cm
Sophie Garapon - Le cavalier des sables
Mixed media
80 x 60 cm
Sophie Garapon - Une vague
Mixed media
80 x 60 cm


Sophie Garapon - Chiron le centaure
Mixed media
60 x 65 cm
Sophie Garapon - Une petite âme
Oil painting
67 x 97 cm
Sophie Garapon - Carré
Oil painting
24 x 24 cm
Sophie Garapon - Pilier
Oil painting
97 x 130 cm

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