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Frank Schroeder

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Port-Vendres (66), France
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Part of my work revisits the classical and philosophical themes that have built our Western cultural and artistic identity, while developing a contemporary vision of these subjects. I also work on a very personal and introspective reflection on themes such as "silence", "infinite expectation" and "loneliness". I consider that a painting should not be a simple illustration. Each painting must tell its viewer a story, and must be similar to the mirror of "Alice in Wonderland" that absorbs the viewer and takes him across the border between reality and the artist’s imagination. I want my painting to place the viewer in front of his nature, his fears and his reality. I also believe that painting is only interesting if it illustrates an intellectual and philosophical reflection, which is necessary for all creative acts.


To come:

- September Gray Gallery - Atlanta, 2019
- Urbane Art Gallery - London, 2019

Previous exposures:

- London Art Fair (Urbane art Gallery - 2019)
- Miami Basel - Prizm Art Fair (September Gray Gallery - 2018)
- London Art Fair (Urbane art Gallery - 2018)
- Personal exhibition (Urbane Art Gallery, Edinburgh - 2018)
- Group exhibition (September Gray Gallery, Chicago - 2018)
- Affordable Art Fair (Edinburgh 2018)
- Personal exhibition (Urbane Art Gallery, Edinburgh - 2017)
- Personal exhibition (Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta - 20015 and 2016)
- Personal exhibition (Urbane Art Gallery, Edinburgh - 2014)
- Art Up Lille (Galerie Gabel, Biot - 2014)
- Personal exhibition (La Galeria, Barcelona - 2013)
- Collective exhibition (Oliveart, Barcelona - 2013)
- Personal exhibition (Art Window, Barcelona - 2012)

Various group exhibitions in Africa.

Frank Schroeder's artwork

African politics
African politics
Acrylic painting (79 x 120 cm)
1001 nights
1001 nights
Mixed media (150 x 96 cm)
Acrylic painting (100 x 60 cm)
Black museum
Black museum
Acrylic painting (65 x 90 cm)

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