Eve Guerrier

Eve Guerrier

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Strasbourg (67), France
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Eve Guerrier designs her paintings from her drawings made from living models (often her friends), from sculptures in museums, on the street, from her own photos or those of other photographers.

She constantly gleaned images that she redrew and transformed. The drawing creates an immediate connection to how she feels. Then she assembles her paintings in successive layers of colour, often by engraving, searching for the lower layer.

The important thing is to make the vitality of these characters perceptible while the image is fixed, to be as close as possible to the feeling in a search for simplification, almost abstraction of form. His subjects are always from everyday life and yet they speak to us of poetry, reveries, and question us about our relationship to others and to ourselves.

1990: Diploma from the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg Founding member of the "Les Individus" Collective (2010)

1989: Stay in Cheltenham (GB). Further training in engraving at Gloucester College of Art and Technology

1987: professional stone-cutting internship at the Œuvre Notre-Dame, Strasbourg

1985 -1990 : School of Decorative Arts, Strasbourg Enrolment in a Sculpture Workshop with Patrick Lang. At the same time in engraving with Susan Rauch

2019 : Vivre la Ville, solo exhibition, Maif, Strasbourg

2018 : In the branches, Les Individus, Temple Neuf, Strasbourg

2017: Air et Lumière, les Individus, Centre Chorégraphique de Strasbourg.

2016 :
- Fragile, The Individuals, The New Temple, Strasbourg
- Snow White, The Individuals, Conrath Hall, Strasbourg City Hall

2014 :
- Punctum, The Individuals, Conrath Hall, Strasbourg City Hall
- Around the sacred, The Individuals, New Temple, Strasbourg

2013 :
- Solo exhibition, Ifce, Strasbourg.
- Exhibition 10 lessons of abyss, Les Individus, Salle Conrath, Hôtel de ville,Strasbourg.

2011: Drawing and sculpture, the "Individuals" IFCE, Strasbourg.

2010: Red Exhibition, Red Gallery, Pont l’Abbé Bridge.

2009: Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture à l’Eau, Grand Palais, Paris

2008: Human figure, exhibition of acquisitions, Art & Partage, Clinique de l’Orangerie. Strasbourg.

- St’art, Strasbourg, Galerie Libre Cours de Martine Ehmer, Brussels
- Forum 3, Stuttgart. Personal exhibition.
- Accademia Libera Natura e Cultura, Montegemoli, (It). Personal exhibition.

Eve Guerrier's artwork

Oil painting (100 x 100 cm)
Oil painting (80 x 120 cm)
Oil painting (80 x 80 cm)
Oil painting (70 x 70 cm)
Le sac vert
Le sac vert
Oil painting (89 x 116 cm)

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