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Monsieur Poulet

Monsieur Poulet

Confirmed artist
  • KAZoART artist since 2019
  • 4 works

Mr. Poulet was born in 1977 in Bordeaux. He discovered graffiti in the early 90s through the Bordeaux magazine "33 C’Fresh". Love at first sight is immediate and, very quickly, it passes from spectator to actor. His first paintings were inspired by what was being done in northern Europe; chrome and letters.

The character of the Chicken, the artist’s totem animal, was only born much later... Two fines blow by blow will temporarily override his passion. Mr. Poulet then devoted himself to his computer graphics studies. In the early 2000s, street art arrived on the streets and rekindled a sleeping flame. Mr. Chicken is applying new methods to invest in hypercentres by starting to stick painted or printed posters depicting illustrations of puns. Little by little the character of the Chicken appears through these puns. Present in Bordeaux at a time when street art is not yet in fashion, Monsieur Poulet is gaining a little local notoriety and regularly sees photos of his collages in the press.

The artist likes to travel and take his Chicken to new cities. The walls of New York, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin will support new posters around word games translated into the local language. After several years of putting up posters, Mr. Chicken decided to go back to aerosol painting and explored a large number of urban, industrial and rural wastelands in the Southwest. He drives, he prowls around looking for places free of graffiti to paint and then photograph his painting in context, often in an atmosphere where nature is recovering after the abandonment of human activity. In these and other places, he stages his totem animal, whose features have evolved over the years: it now has a rounded and plump shape and characteristic yellow and orange colours. This animal thus lives many adventures and its naivety, its imperfections, its clumsiness make it a childish, endearing and touching character.

Monsieur Poulet’s art is accessible, benevolent, naive, light, apolitical, full of humour, joy and colour with no other objective than the smile of those who watch it. The artist is committed to making his painting fun and open to everyone. His childish comic strip style drawing particularly appeals to the youngest. And it is with this in mind that the artist created his first book in 2017: a book for children from 4 to 8 years old telling the adventures of the little Chicken wanting to leave a gloomy city of "NulCity" that makes him sad to join a colorful and joyful country where people will have kept their childlike soul. Anchored in values of resourcefulness and autonomy certainly inherited from the graffiti scene, this book was produced entirely by Monsieur Poulet without going through a publisher or distributor, with the support of its public through a participatory fundraising campaign.

On a daily basis, Monsieur Poulet is a shy artist who expresses through his Chicken his love of simple things and little joys. He tries to use his art to brighten the lives of others, either by smiling at the sight of the paintings, or by taking action to defend the most vulnerable, for example, he has created several frescoes for charities or in children’s hospitals and participated in auctions for the preservation of the environment and animal rights.

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Monsieur Poulet
Mixed media
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Monsieur Poulet
Mixed media
89 x 116 cm
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Monsieur Poulet
Mixed media
29 x 21 cm
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Monsieur Poulet
Mixed media
89 x 130 cm

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Monsieur Poulet's Career

Street school;)


2016 : Love...Always, Bordeaux

2006: Shiny Happy Pipoule, Bordeaux


2016 - Jury des vibrations urbaine de Pessac 2019 - Jury concours Vatel Streetart