Pol Quadens

Pol Quadens

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Bruxelles (B), Belgium
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Pol Quadens in 7 dates 1960 Born in Uccle Brussels, he studied art and stopped studying at 17 to devote himself to restoring antique cars. It is by repairing the bodies that he discovers and learns to work with all materials. 1987 His culture and taste for art, a little slowed down by manual labour, pushed him to create objects. In his body shop he produced several design parts, including his compact disc shelf, which he produced and sold more than 100,000 copies in 15 years. 1995 He meets a former engineer from Donnay, a manufacturer of tennis rackets, who introduces him to carbon fiber. He designs and produces the world’s lightest C 06 chair weighing 950 grams, which will be purchased and exhibited by the world’s leading design collections and museums. 2000 He imagines the Strada, a 10 cm high female carbon fibre shoe with no heel. The strada is an important commercial success, during 4 years Pol will be in charge of its worldwide distribution. Madonna will wear them at one of her concerts. 2007 He discovers corian, a composite material based on stone and aluminium. He designs a whole collection of furniture for OVO Editions. His creations are handcrafted, their quanity is hardly compatible with mass production so he turns towards art galleries, design, auction houses and distributes his creations to collectors and lovers of art and design in the world. 2013 Thanks to his notoriety in the world of collectors he no longer knows any limits and is interested in polished stainless steel (back to his first material) he develops unique pieces, small series of furniture and sculptures of high technical and finishing quality. 2017 He signs the great "infinity" library entirely hand-made in polished stainless steel, it will have required no less than 400 hours of work this unique piece will be sold by a Brussels gallery. He is oriented towards sculpture and has a project of an important creation between art and design for a property in Switzerland. 2018 Finalization and installation of the large sculpture "16 stones" designed on the principle of the Cairn, a centuries-old tradition of stacking balanced rollers, he made it 4.50m high, all in mirror polished stainless steel. 2019 Beginning of collaboration with a prestigious Parisian design gallery, Maison Rapin, which will exhibit 4 of its creations on their stand at the Brafa in Brussels in January, Exhibition and conference at the MAD in Brussels in January and February in collaboration with the architect Bruno Erpicum. Exhibition at the PAD Paris show with the Maison Rapin gallery.

St Luc Brussels Car bodywork

- Collaboration with a prestigious Parisian design gallery, Maison Rapin
- Exhibition and conference at the MAD in Brussels in January and February in collaboration with the architect Bruno Erpicum

1992, 1994 and 2010
- Design Museum Bremmen, Germany
- Museum Mobilier National Intérieur Courtrai, Belgium

- Gallery of the passage Pierre Passebon Maison Rapin, Paris

From 1993 to 1998
- International Furniture Fair in Milan, Italy

- Vitra design Museum, London, England
- Ghent Museum of Fine Arts, Belgium

Pol Quadens's artwork

Infinity II
Infinity II
Metal Sculpture (135 x 220 cm)
Porte louise
Porte louise
Stone Sculpture (150 x 240 cm)
Mother and child
Mother and child
Metal Sculpture (305 x 98 cm)
Metal Sculpture (170 x 30 cm)
Metal Sculpture (500 x 250 cm)

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