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COHCO-LG is primarily interested in the weft and experiments with all its possibilities, also inventing it in space. Using recent discoveries in quantum physics and everything related to revealing the laws of our universe.

She reintegrates them with recycled materials using the grid. From newsprint to plastic balloons diverted from their original function, these waste materials that she stretches, weaves, weaves, holes, hooks and hangs tell an unspeakable story....

A plastic approach that touches on mysticism is projected through the mirror. Taken as a sculpted material, all their physical properties are revealed: lightness, transparency allowing the play of light and shadow to give these "neglected" a second chance.

- Fine Arts of Le Havre and Toulon
- Master of Fine Arts Sorbonne-St Charles Paris

2018 : The Metallos

2017: Eco Art "Génerali"

2015: Domuse Gallery, Honfleur

2014: Seine Seine armchairs "Terre d’Eau"

2013: Hermès Exhibition

2012: Montgalet Centre, Rueil-Malmaison

2011: "Produrable salon" jersey holder

- Comparisons (Grand Palais)
- Vendôme Paris
Gallery - HEC Art en Direct

2008: Comparisons, Grand Palais

2007: Institut Boiron L’intime féminin "La Sorbonne"

2006: Live Art Frésinus Laboratory Live Art Citroën

2005: In the heart of the Flea Market

2004: Art en Direct Sanofi Laboratory Shoe Museum of Romans Press club de France

2003: Lounge Art "Bastille" Gallery

2002: Art and Challenges The Chapel of Our Lady of Angels LIFE Room, Brussels

2001: TEVA show (Cendrine Dominguez)

2000: Project 21 Gallery Boiron Institute

- Lefor Openo Gallery, Paris
- Show FR3 les Bons Plans

COHCOLG's artwork

Trame "carte de france"
Trame "carte de france"
Mixed media (24 x 29 in)
Trame "harmonie colorées"
Trame "harmonie colorées"
Mixed media (45 x 65 in)
Trame  "joie"
Trame "joie"
Mixed media (16 x 16 in)
Trame "symphonie de bleue"
Trame "symphonie de bleue"
Mixed media (57 x 45 in)
Trame journalistique naturelle
Trame journalistique naturelle
Mixed media (31 x 31 in)

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