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Sybille M

Sybille M

51 fans

Uccle, Belgium
7 works

"Polymorphic Artist"
Poly: multiple / polished: like a pebble working through time Morphe: form / metamorphosis: change of form, nature or structure such that the object is no longer recognizable...

Sybille Mathiaud was born in 1978 in Bergerac. Handling pencils and brushes from an early age, she began her Artistic Training at the age of 19 while pursuing literary studies at university. In 2000, she wrote her master’s thesis in Modern Letters on the travelling writer Nicolas Bouvier: a revelation that sets her on the "path that makes and breaks you" of the journey. After living, studying and exhibiting in Florence and New York, she moved to Paris in 2005 where she pursued her artistic research while teaching Martenot pedagogy. In 2018, she embarked on a new artistic adventure in Belgium: since then, she has shared her time between Brussels and Paris.

Sybille M’s work is divided into different "forms": techniques (oil, ink, collage, etc.), genres (abstract, figurative), subjects. Nature, her desires, human psychology are so dense and diverse that she likes to approach them from different angles and sensitivities, to better draw their outline and complexity.

The artistic residency in China in which Sybille M participates (2016) is a springboard in her creation. In recent years, a beautiful marriage of the Western spirit and the Far East has animated her work, inviting her to take a walk through the web according to her state of mind and emotions. Far Eastern art is by nature an invitation to the journey of the heart and mind. The ink leads you into the landscape of the soul.

An artist committed to his project choices (notably in the fight against human trafficking in collaboration with the NGO Planète Enfants & développement) and his way of working ( "through art, to develop the person", Ginette Martenot), his research on nature and man within this nature, necessarily lead him to fundamental ecological questions, which increasingly mark his work. An untiring fascination for the beauty of the world, a shock at the images of disastrous transformations induced by humans, pushes her today to seek solutions to better live together on this earth. Art is a wonderful medium for sharing, meditating, reflecting, reflecting, marvelling, feeling: to use without moderation! Art as a bridge between people, nature, awareness to mobilize.

2002: DESS Communication des Entreprises en alternance - Paris VII

2001: Erasmus in Florence with a Bachelor’s degree in Art History 2000 Master’s degree in Modern Literature with honours - Paris X

1998-2005: Martenot Artistic Training in Paris and Florence

Exhibitions in SOLO:

- 2018 MU Gallery "Chromatic Variations", Paris IX The artists of Boitsfort-Watermael, Brussels

- 2017 Nepal at St Jacut de la Mer Abbey, Brittany Nepal in the MHD gallery, Malakof

- 2016 Mairie du 8e, Paris 8 Bellevilloise, Paris 20

- 2014 Espace Keller, Paris 11

- 2013 Return from Argentina, Art&moi Gallery, Paris 10

- 2012 Tango, Buenos Aires 2010 Galerie Amtares, Paris 18

- 2009 Domaine de Naujan, St Vincent de Pertignas Kaleidoscope, BNP Paribas Wealth Management, Paris 8

- 2008 Atelier-galerie du Buisson, Paris 18 Château Belingard, Bergerac Galerie des Arches, Paris 3

- 2007 L’Amphytrion, Toulouse Château Belingard, Bergerac

- 2005 Paris Jeunes Talents, Paris 19

- 2004 Bere store de Biche, New York 2003 Empire Dance Studio, Cafe Athéne, Cafe Joul, L’Orange Bleue, New York

- 2001 "Cafe dei Artisti" and "Enoteca", Florence

COLLECTIVE Exhibitions :

- 2018 Vincennes Racecourse, Chinese New Year, FCAC

- 2017 "Génie en liberté", artists of the 11th arrondissement, Paris "Deci, dela", Ab hoc Ab hac gallery at Albatros, Montreuil Carreau du Temple, Paris 3, Chinese New Year, ACFC

- 2016 National Fine Arts Exhibition, Carrousel du Louvre China, Guizhou, Zunyi - artistic residence

- 2015 Salon L’Art et la matière, Nemours Saint Pierre

- 2014 Salon National des Beaux Arts, Carrousel du Louvre MEDAILLE D’ARGENT, painting category Symmetry and asymmetry, Espace Christiane Peugeot Paris 17 / Viaduc des Arts "Intérieur/ exttérieur" Joel Knaffo Gallery, Paris 12 / Biennale d’art contemporain dans la Beauce

- 2013 "Revelations", Joel Knaffo Art Gallery, Paris 16 Salon National des Beaux Arts, Carrousel du Louvre Salon Art shopping, Carrousel du Louvre

- 2012 Salon National des Beaux Arts, Carrousel du Louvre MEDAILLE DE BRONZE, non-figurative painting category

- 2011 Viaduc des Arts, "Lunch on the grass", Paris 12

- 2010 Poésie du paysage, New York 2009 Salon Art et Matières, Maisse

- 2008 Salon de l’Ecole Française, Croissy-sur-Seine

- 2007 Cana des Artistes, Versailles AAA Portes Ouvertes des ateliers, Paris 18 Festival de Flamenco de Poitiers Galerie-Atelier 1.1, St Germain en Laye

- 2006 Art Taste, Bordeaux / Salon Gens d’art - Gendarmes, Paris 11 / Cospirit, entreprise, Paris 10 / La Cigale, Paris 18 / Salon des Artistes Contemporains, Damarie -lés-Lys

- 2005 Salon d’Art, St Germain en Laye Art Taste / Vinexpo Bordeaux Académie du Viaduc des Arts, Paris 12 / Le Printemps des Artistes, Aubervilliers This is a sign, company, Paris 20

- 2004 GMAC, Paris Bastille Curb Art Group Gallery, New York

Sybille M's artwork

Oil painting (80 x 80 cm)
Entre 2 orages, espoir
Entre 2 orages, espoir
Oil painting (80 x 80 cm)
Gris fleuri
Gris fleuri
Oil painting (40 x 40 cm)
Irlande de stael
Irlande de stael
Oil painting (46 x 55 cm)
Pin orageux
Pin orageux
Oil painting (80 x 80 cm)
Coup d'éclat
Coup d'éclat
Oil painting (150 x 65 cm)
Plaine cerine
Plaine cerine
Oil painting (100 x 100 cm)

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