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Leïla Gaillard

Leïla Gaillard

Emerging artist
  • KAZoART artist since 2019

Pictorial intention "The revolution implied by ecological concern encourages us to see this nature, no longer as a source of inspiration but as a source of reflection on the impact of human activities on living things. Aesthetics accompanies the ongoing cultural change: that of ecology "Loïc Fiel No longer looks at nature as the source of beauty, but as a questioning of its past and its future, "these reserves of colours" are as many reminders that nothing escapes us anymore. I want to disturb the viewer with these "apparitions of colors" in the middle of this formalism and that we pause the question of the "why". Treat this feeling of strangeness as urban. This contrast between slowness and frenzy, this obligation to slow everything down. This urbanization that leaves us no respite. Creating my paintings in the studio is a way to avoid reality, since what is "outside" is different from my painting. The landscape allows me to contemplate from afar all the places on which I could anchor myself. Outside, I would be distracted by this reality. I can live and move in a place, I can't walk in a landscape. The place is what anchors in space, a landscape implies a displacement outside the place to better detach itself from reality. In my painting, the places are sometimes without places, and give rise to a feeling of disturbing strangeness that touches precisely on the question of home. In these landscapes, there is also a question of exile. I have a fascination for Peter Doig and his ability to talk about exile. My personal history leads me to paint these "first landscapes", these large fields. A certain nostalgia for the lost world, an aesthetic of melancholy. This contrast between two lands, two stories. It is not only landscape painting but a search for atmosphere, for questioning. In many ways, the places I choose are ordinary with a disconcerting tranquility. It's just an observation. I use photography to trigger my creative process. Photography allows assembly processes between two sometimes heterogeneous elements. This can sometimes give the viewer the impression of a fake snapshot. But also engravings, because with engraving you can experiment with different traces while keeping certain steps.

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Leïla Gaillard - Chemin 1
Leïla Gaillard
Oil painting
19 x 24 cm

This artist is so sought-after that we don't have any more works at the moment.

Leïla Gaillard's Career

Fine Arts of Valenciennes. DNSEP diploma in 1986

Since 2004, in parallel to her artistic activity, Leïla Gaillard has been working on the search for images for a video production company (Espace prod). She has also created an artistic practice workshop for children and teenagers.


2018: Painting salon / woorkshop mokulitho printmaking

2016: Salon des peintres de Rueil

2015: prize of the national assembly René Clément Bayer exhibition

2014: collective exhibitions at the "secret fields" gallery in Paris / collective exhibition "parisian east", Montreuil / engraving exhibition, Noisy le Sec Mars

April 2013: Collective exhibition "MAISON SUR PILOTI" les fables de la fontaine", Paris / "Vive les artistes, La Galerie de Noisy le sec / Art paris, Grand palais, Paris

2012: Lill'art collective exhibition, Les Lilas

2011: GMAC Bastille, Paris

2009: Collective exhibition "Galerie du passage", Paris

2005: Personal exhibition at the "Camel'leon" Gallery, Valenciennes

2004: Solo exhibition at the "Maisons sur Piloti" gallery, Paris