Bernard Métranve

Bernard Métranve

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BARBIZON (77), France
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Born in 1949 in Mézières, Bernard Métranve was convinced from early childhood that he would become a visual artist and that he would follow the path of artists like Brancusi, and Moore. Very impressed by the Early Arts, he designed a sculpture based on spontaneity, purity of lines, surprising beauty and the strangeness of nature.

Many exhibitions follow the tropical countries where he successively lives: Costa Rica, Côte d'Ivoire and Colombia. In 1989, he definitively returned to France and set up his workshop in an old winery in the Loiret region. The meeting of a foundryman will decide him to favour bronze sculpture.

From 2015, he and his wife will move to Barbizon. He created his new workshop there. After a long analogical period, the current works are mainly abstract. It is an abstraction inspired by natural forms but which seeks to include architectural rhythms.

- Bachelor's degree in 1968
- Licence in 1970
- Master's degree in literature in 1971
- Watercolour and drawing courses of Costa Rican painter Cristina fournier 1972-1973
- Ceramic courses in Bouaké (1983)
- Professional artist registered at the Maison des Artistes (1989)
- Modelling and drawing courses at the IAV in Orléans 1991
- Training courses in moulding and modelling

Solo exhibitions

2018: HORIZON 4, Exhibition at Espace Marc Jacquet in Barbizon: one sculptor And 3 painters (Métranve, Alain Bonnefoit, Sen Shombit, Le Prince)
2014: Les Ormes Gallery in Courtenay
2006: Taylor Gallery at the Taylor Foundation, Paris
2004: Alizée Gallery, Orléans
1989: BuraK Gallery, Bogota
1981: Sainte Agnès Crypt (St Eustache Church), Paris

Group exhibitions

Since 2015, he has been exhibiting permanently at the Alfart-LBK Gallery in Barbizon
2012: Salon Sculptures en Liberté in Roquebrune sur Argens
2010: Figuration Critique (Espace Kiron, Paris)
1999: Réalités Nouvelles 2000 Salon de Mai
SALONS 1991-92 Salon des Artistes Français
1989 : Salon des Artistes Orléanais (Prix Martin Pourret)

Bernard Métranve's artwork

Codex 1
Codex 1
Bronze Sculpture (37 x 45 cm)
Bronze Sculpture (36 x 46 cm)
Etreinte 1
Etreinte 1
Bronze Sculpture (13 x 18 cm)
Fantaisie 19
Fantaisie 19
Bronze Sculpture (28 x 52 cm)
Codex III
Codex III
Bronze Sculpture (23 x 33 cm)
Le pelican
Le pelican
Bronze Sculpture (22 x 47 cm)

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