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Delphine Grandvaux
Delphine Grandvaux

Delphine Grandvaux


KAZoART artist since 2021

13 works

After a childhood spent in Berlin where she was introduced to sculpture, Delphine Grandvaux moved to Strasbourg in 1990 to study musicology. In parallel to her activity as a piano teacher, she deepened her modelling technique by taking classes at the Arts Décoratifs and took part in several exhibitions.

In the 2000s, wishing to move towards lighter and airier creations, she directs her work towards wire and develops in 2017 the technique of mesh in her works.

Delphine Grandvaux's artistic path follows a thread. An iron, copper or brass wire, supple and colourful, to which she sometimes associates other materials such as paper, pewter, wool or wood.

The technique of knitting, which consists of creating meshes from a wire and fitting them into each other through a series of small gestures, allows her to explore several facets of volume, to underline its external but also internal forms through a game of transparency and construction. This process leads him towards light and flexible creations that seem to play permanently with the light according to the places where they are arranged.

She finds her inspiration in nature, plant, animal and mineral. "It is an infinite field of exploration. Everything here is a matter of sensation and therefore of creation. I like to explore its multiple facets in search of a balance, beauty or truth other than what is given to see. A bud becomes princely, a pebble bears its history, a tree in the hollow of which its secrets are whispered.... I let myself be guided by my emotions to feed my imagination."

In all of her creations, Delphine Grandvaux likes to evoke things rather than define them, thus emphasising matter and form.

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Self-taught artist.

2020 : Salon des métiers d'art "Résonance(s)" / Strasbourg

2019 : Art Christmas / Reims

2018: "Résonance(s)" Crafts Fair / Strasbourg

2017 : Salon des 40 / Saint Louis (Alsace)

2017 : The flights - Moyen Moutier

2016: Golden Crown Wine Show - Château d'Osthoffen (Alsace) -

2014: English Castle Festival - Bischheim

2012: Council of Europe - Strasbourg

2010: Gallery KunstvollerGarten - Kehl Odelshofen

2007 and 2008: Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain de la Bastille - Paris bastille

2004: Opera House café - Strasbourg

2003: Lili France - Fegersheim

The 13 works of artist Delphine Grandvaux

Delphine Grandvaux - Octopus IV
Metal Sculpture
35 x 110 cm
Delphine Grandvaux - Octopus III
Metal Sculpture
30 x 105 cm
Delphine Grandvaux - Octopus II
Metal Sculpture
25 x 115 cm
Delphine Grandvaux - Octopus I
Metal Sculpture
20 x 120 cm
Delphine Grandvaux - Arbre II
Metal Sculpture
25 x 100 cm
Delphine Grandvaux - Arbre I
Metal Sculpture
25 x 85 cm
Delphine Grandvaux - Fleur
Metal Sculpture
30 x 30 cm
Delphine Grandvaux - Hanami
Metal Sculpture
70 x 70 cm
Delphine Grandvaux - Nichoir
Metal Sculpture
20 x 80 cm
Delphine Grandvaux - Germination
Metal Sculpture
47 x 38 cm
Delphine Grandvaux - Arbre
Metal Sculpture
27 x 55 cm
Delphine Grandvaux - Karn I
Metal Sculpture
22 x 30 cm
Delphine Grandvaux - Trio floral
Metal Sculpture
20 x 120 cm

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