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Soazig Lemur

Soazig Lemur

11 fans

Castelnau Magnoac (65), France
7 works

Soazig Lemur draws his inspiration from nature. Often around a lake where the birds come to spend the winter under cover. She likes to blend into this environment to better see, listen, feel, and immerse herself in it. It is in these meditative moments that the image takes shape. A white egret graciously moving gracefully on the shore, a patient and taciturn heron waiting for who knows what, a booted eagle appearing and sowing panic, a mist, a light, a breath...

Then in the workshop, all these sensations take shape. The images are specified in sketchbooks. Chinese inks are chosen according to the atmosphere: cold or hot? Pigment or watercolour ? Chinese brush or spalter ? Once all these notes are in place, the music can begin, and the water enters the stage; it stagnates, flows, captures or dilutes the black, evaporates, comes back, dances. But don't forget to let the paper breathe so that it diffuses all its light. And finally, when all has calmed down, when all has revealed itself, to affix the ultimate red stamp of the masters, thanks to whom everything has been possible.

Tarbes School of Fine Arts (65)

Workshops attended :

Illuminations: Tournay Abbey with Monique Devic and Renaud Marlier

Watercolour: Philipe lhez, Anna Peyrat Tarbes (65)

Sumi-e: Confucius Institute of Rennes (35) with Master Wong Wa

Calligraphy : Japanese with Hideyo Kaneko Occidentale with Bénédicte Sidonie Laborde

2019 :

Festiv'Art - Arros Nay (64) (2016/2019)

Biennial SeméART- Séméac (65)

Exhibition " Equilibrium " Larmor Plage. (56)

Salon National des Arts Animaliers - Bry sur Marne (94) - (2014/2015/2016/2017/2019)

2018 :

Le VRAC - Salies de Béarn (64)

Carrefour des Arts Gelos (64)

Grand Salon des Petits Formats -Toulouse (31) (2017/2018)

Painting and sculpture exhibition - Saint Sever de Rustang (65) - (2014/2015/2016/2017/2018)

2017 :

Le Tour des Arts - Trie sur Baïse (65)

Contemporary Art Fair - Moissac (81) (2016/2017)

2016 :

Salon des arts animaliers-Saint Pierre les Nemours

2015 :

Weekend of the Arts - Vannes (56) - (2013/2015)

2014 :

Pyrenees Nature Photography and Drawing Festival - Mas D'Azil (09)

Exhibitions Artists' viewpoint - La Barthes de Neste (65)

2013 :

Book Fair - Bagnères de Bigorre (65)

Mythimages - Marciac (32)

Soazig Lemur's artwork

Mixed media (56 x 76 cm)
Ink drawing (40 x 13 cm)
Watercolour (18 x 31 cm)
La vague-2
La vague-2
Watercolour (30 x 42 cm)
Mixed media (26 x 44 cm)
Watercolour (50 x 70 cm)
Mixed media (100 x 20 cm)

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