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Bettina Schopphoff
Bettina Schopphoff

Bettina Schopphoff


KAZoART artist since 2020

16 works

Bettina Schopphoff has always had paint in her. She didn't play with dolls but she drew, arranged, modified, revisited. His world is never colorful enough. As a child, she repainted her grandmother's shoes, smeared her sketchbooks. "A scratch and hop, a flowerpot, it's still prettier! ».

In high school, excelling in plastic arts, more ambitious projects are entrusted to her, she creates the sets for the end of year shows. With her A-levels in her pocket, she left to study literature in Germany. Drawing does not leave her and gradually, in a busy family life, painting manages to find its way more and more present until it becomes a vital ingredient in her daily life.

For Bettina, each painting is a challenge, because it grows within her autonomously until it is completed. If Bettina leaves her studio and her brushes, it is never without her sketchbook. Her work is based on the experience of emotion, Bettina grasps things as if she were observing them for the first time. His painting is a constant search for moments, reflections, movements, emotions that all tell stories.

His brushstrokes are vivid, intense, colourful and offer a new light on the world. No matter how much paint she uses, Bettina mixes, plates, superimposes, tempts, and attacks her canvases with humour and offbeatness. Whether it's a giraffe chewing gum, a garden gnome in a posture or a group of chubby ladies: his subjects are personal translations of what is the leitmotif of his life: to constantly praise optimism.

After the rain the nice weather, and always dance in the rain. Through the many facets of her life, Bettina has learned something essential that she passes on to us in her work: you just have to change your perspective and things can become extraordinary.

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- Mercure Hotel Fontainebleau - Fontainebleau (France)
- Art3f Brussels - Brussels (Belgium)

- Espace Culturel Marc Jacquet - Barbizon (France)
- ArtExpo New York (USA)
- Les Jeux de Dames - Fontainebleau (France)

Espace Culturel Marc Jacquet - Barbizon (France)

- RDZ Fine Arts Miami - Miami (USA)
- New York Art Fair - New York (USA)
- Galerie 17.Arts - Fontainebleau (France)
- Eagles Foundation - Erfurt (Germany)

- ArtExpo (Gallery Mecenavia)
- New York (USA) - ArtExpo (Gallery Mecenavia)
- Toronto (Canada) - Franz Beckenbauer Foundation - Erfurt (Germany)
- Art X-Clusivity - Frankfurt (Germany)
- Galerie Henon - Paris (France)
- Red Dot Art Basel - Miami (USA)

- ArtExpo (Mecenavie Gallery)
- New York (USA) - Open Atelier - Fontainebleau (France)
- Espace Pierre Cardin (Mecenavie Gallery) - Paris (France)
- Pôle Exposition Sud Côte d'Azur (medal of honor) - Toulon (France)

- Carrousel du Louvre (Mecenavia Gallery)
- Paris (France) - Agora Gallery - New York (USA)
- Fiera Bolzano - Bolzano (Italy)
- Gallery Gora - Montreal (Canada)

- Gaudi Galleria
- Barcelona (Spain) - Carrousel du Louvre (Mecenavia Gallery)
- Paris (France) - ArtAtlantic (Mecenavia Gallery) - La Rochelle (France)

- Carrousel du Louvre (Gallery Mecenavie)
- Paris (France) - Espace Pierre Cardin (Gallery Mecenavie) - Paris (France)
- LineArt - Gant (Belgium)

The 16 works of artist Bettina Schopphoff

Bettina Schopphoff - Start up
Acrylic painting
120 x 120 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Just another sunny day
Acrylic painting
130 x 98 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Vitamines
Acrylic painting
140 x 150 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Lundi matin 11 heures
Acrylic painting
120 x 120 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Je réfléchis d'abord
Acrylic painting
97 x 120 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Pleasure
Acrylic painting
50 x 50 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Sweet dream
Acrylic painting
100 x 100 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Sur les starting block
Acrylic painting
50 x 50 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Le nain de rodin
Acrylic painting
80 x 100 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Le courage
Acrylic painting
80 x 100 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Bubble gum
Acrylic painting
65 x 92 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Now
Acrylic painting
120 x 120 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Wunderbar
Acrylic painting
89 x 110 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Himmelreich
Oil painting
114 x 147 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Le saut
Acrylic painting
50 x 50 cm
Bettina Schopphoff - Tea time
Acrylic painting
120 x 80 cm

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