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Bruno Renard

Bruno Renard

  • KAZoART artist since 2020
  • 19 works

Bruno Renard's inspiration comes from an emotional state where detachment and imagination direct him towards curves and vegetal or animal forms in harmony with nature.

From his childhood, he acquires a creative eye in the cabinet making workshop where his father works. Scraps of wood allow him to make his first assemblages which are finalized into toys. Later, it is in the packaging workshop where he works that these scraps of wood and plywood are presented to him and inspire his first creations.

There, more representative objects appear, small and large wooden animal sculptures. Metal, a passion since his apprenticeship and therefore since adolescence, comes back to my mind and is added to wood. These two materials open up new horizons for him, especially the creation of original and unique works.

A complementary material has joined his art: glass for its transparency, the challenge of shapes and colours. It is with this set of materials that the works presented here were born.

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Bruno Renard - Efflor et sens
Metal Sculpture
90 x 185 x 60 cm
Bruno Renard - Vision architecturale
Mixed media
30 x 90 x 20 cm
Bruno Renard - Corne d'aloès
Mixed media
40 x 110 cm
Bruno Renard - Ondulation
Mixed media
55 x 60 cm
Bruno Renard - Ebène
Mixed media
25 x 80 cm
Bruno Renard - Enigmatick
Metal Sculpture
50 x 249 x 50 cm
Bruno Renard - Jeu fusionnel
Mixed media
35 x 200 cm
Bruno Renard - Mutation
Wood Sculpture
45 x 140 cm
Bruno Renard - Pause
Mixed media
50 x 140 cm
Bruno Renard - Emergeance
Mixed media
40 x 120 cm
Bruno Renard - Compréhension
Mixed media
30 x 185 cm
Bruno Renard - Compassion
Mixed media
45 x 20 cm
Bruno Renard - Fragment'erre
Metal Sculpture
50 x 260 x 50 cm
Bruno Renard - Parallèle
Metal Sculpture
50 x 200 cm
Bruno Renard - Détermination
Mixed media
35 x 200 cm
Bruno Renard - Evidence
Metal Sculpture
45 x 200 cm
Bruno Renard - Karach' terre
Metal Sculpture
50 x 250 cm
Bruno Renard - Harpédiem
Mixed media
60 x 170 cm
Bruno Renard - Entreux 3
Metal Sculpture
50 x 125 cm

Bruno Renard's Career

Training CAP ironworker and cabinetmaker.

Fusing glass training


Galleries : La Palette des Possibles Toulouse, JV invites Noyant...

Museums : Layguerotte Tarbes, Chapelle de la Persévérance Pau...

Salons: Art and Fire Tolosane Martre, Art Colomiers...

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