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Reims (51), France
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BIOGRAPHY Child of the "régie Renault" Eric grew up in Mantes-la-Jolie. Very quickly, he drew on Thursday afternoons in the MJC of Gassicourt and later he enrolled in the painting and live model class. At the age of 16, he passed the Auguste Renoir Technical High School competition and graduated in Applied Arts to design advertising campaigns. But he was not satisfied with his job and at the same time he joined a painting workshop in the Xème, rue Béranger and he made some collective exhibitions in Paris. The exchanges between painters are strong and instructive. He discovers the work of Giacometti, Soulages and Basquiat all three are free in their approach and it pleases him enormously. Drawing will become stronger over the years to become essential in his search for the perfect line. For a few years he has been getting closer to some artists who like him are looking for "light" through engraving and drawing. ARTISTIC APPROACH The line is the driving force. It carries with it a line, a series of dots connected to each other, naturally, from seduction to seduction. And what becomes of this line? What can happen to it in the adversity of chance, of white paper, of the capricious movement of the hand? Yet it becomes. And Eric Dabancourt's work reflects this subtle, skilful, unique and singular metamorphosis. The approach of the artist who, through his experiments with ink and pen, observes again and again the life of the line he creates, a furtive and instinctive birth. Drawing is a first person in the plural that leads to the most vast of explorations, the one that unites us to the other, exchanges, crosses, transgresses, surpasses, embraces. With this line which is multiple, the line is several, and the accident is never a dead end. The accident is a pretext to go further. By mixing the material object with the factual trait, Eric Dabancourt intends to make the sensitive worlds dialogue, in order to see how far communication can be established. Like a small theatre of light and shadow, the obstacles speak to the paths, and become one, in the adversity of creation, endlessly subjected to the hazards of interpretation.

Graphic Arts at Auguste Renoir High School

Living art workshop for 15 years


- Galerie Daniel Vignal, Vabre - Selected for the BEAC 2020 (BIENNALE EUROPEENNE D'ART CONTEMPORAIN) from May to June 2020 with 14 artists. Exhibition of a pen and ink drawing, LIENSTERRESTRE X, (40X30cm).

- Salon du dessin et de la peinture à l'eau, Grand Palais, Paris, February 11 to 16: exhibition of two formats (18x26 and 70x100) for this last exhibition in the nave of the Grand Palais.


- Intervention, Reims, November 2019: during one month (4 Sundays) I accompanied and advised about fifteen members of the association le CaféGEM. The theme: "A SECOND LIFE". A time of reflection on 24 images. To draw on 24 sheets (10,5x15) an evolutionary theme of the member's choice. During the four sessions different tools will be used (pen, brush and pencil lead) with only one material: Indian ink. The 24 images are then gathered in the order of movement and then animated in our hands to discover our animated SECOND LIFE. We will have realized a FLIP BOOK.

- Salon d'automne, Paris, October 10 to 13: Selected in the Drawing category for the second consecutive year.

- LARTVITAVECVOUS, Reims, from September 27th to October 10th: presentation of 20 "scratched" black works in the St Petersburg cellar of the Veuve Clicquot champagne house with a reading by Anne Deschamps on the day of the opening.

- Esquisses Lyriques, Reims, from September 20 to October 19: presentation of 11 large-format works in the Reims Opera House.

- Influences, Fontenay-Sous-Bois, from September 19 to October 19: presentation of 5 black works scratched in the citizen's house.

- Artist's Workshops, Reims, April 27th and 28th: with Etienne André, Brigitte Lagarde


- Salon d'automne, Paris, October 25-28: selected in the Drawing category.

- "Esquissons-nous", Solo Show, October 5 to 31.

- Art & Jazz in the courtyard, Hermonville, June 16-17. With Brigitte Lagarde on some works.

Eric Dabancourt's artwork

La brise
La brise
Woodcut (23 x 18 cm)
La vague III (4/4)
La vague III (4/4)
Woodcut (23 x 18 cm)

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