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ETAMPES (91), France
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Ariane Pasco, co-founder of the Nice Art collective in 1986, and has been active on the walls ever since. The medium of Nice Art is stencil, declined in multiples and colors, and their gallery is the street, with its accidents and its patina. Nice Art has tried collage, vinyl customization and reverse graffiti.

Her favourite themes are animals, rock, literature and cinema icons, but also portraits of unknown or anonymous people. The credo of Nice Art? To give back a place to nature in the city, to put colour on the walls, and to appropriate the public space with our values, so as not to be subjected to the advertising hype of the consumer society.

Among the projects of Nice Art, "Rimbaud goes around the world", making poetry travel around the world by extending the poet's journey: entrusting a portrait on a book, a vinyl, a road map to travellers and collecting their stories and images.

This artist is exceptionally presenting her work on KAZoART as part of the Street Art Sale for Emmaus International.

Iconographer and geologist

Numerous exhibitions, solo or collective in France, Italy, Germany or the USA, participation in Art Shopping, Rimbaud-Mania, Rivier'Art, Fenêtres sur l'Art, ExtraMuro's, Rue Stick, les Pussifollies...

Gallery Line 13

Solo Exhibition Gallery line 13 : Wall stories end well... in Urban Art

Street Nice Art, Espace Déclic

- Musée Intercommunal, Etampes Sur les Murs - 50 years of Urban Art in Paris
- Crédit Municipal, Dessins et vinyles

ARIANE PASCO's artwork

En balade
Emmaus Int'l Sale
En balade
Acrylic painting (46 x 46 cm)
Marlon brando
Emmaus Int'l Sale
Marlon brando
Acrylic painting (70 x 50 cm)

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