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NOISY LE SEC (93), France
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Visual artist, illustrator and graffiti artist, Djalouz was born in 1985.

At the same time as obtaining his diploma as a model draughtsman, he started graffiti in 2003, directly inspired by the young rising scene of French and European graffiti (Marko 93, Dire, Daim, Vesod, Dran, Gris One, Inti, Vhils, No art, MTO, etc.) but also by the world of comics (Enki Bilal, Frank Miller).

For several years, the spray paint can was his favourite tool, as it is the ideal medium for large format painting and above all, it gives him great freedom in the choice of media. Many of his productions can be found in abandoned places, worn out by time, wastelands and factories left in the hands of nature.

After a long practice of 3D graffiti, Djalouz wishes to add and experiment a new means of expression that leaves a great place to drawing: Drawing. For this, he invites us to discover his series ""I as a child, draw me as a sheep"" which asks us the following question: "Adults, how to represent the evils of the world with the eyes of a child, which we no longer have?

The artist Djalouz tries to answer this question with his series of drawings "Je d'enfants". At first, his committed drawings challenge us by the naive aspect of the line, the shapes and the colours. But after a more attentive reading, we discover with a pleasant surprise, the attention paid to every detail.

Djalouz speaks to us about war, peace, pollution and ecology...about us! The drawing, at first sight childish, gives way to a mature research which makes his work rich of references, always well chosen, endearing and fair.

(Profile photo ©Jeanne-Marie Mestre)

This artist is exceptionally presenting his works on KAZoART as part of the Street Art Sale for Emmaus International.

Diploma as model draftsman

Group exhibition "La forêt Escargot", Paris

- Participation in the "Meeting of Styles" festival, Miami
- Creation of a mural fresco with the young people of the priority districts of the city of San Lorenzo del Maroni, with the artist Onepesca.

- Auction sale "Boards to be solidaire by EZK", organised for the benefit of Secours Populaire
- Participation in the festival "Dessine-moi le street art", with Jo di Bona, Jean Jérôme and Isa Zaro, organised in and by La Vallée Village

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Donner c'est recevoir
Mixed media (33 x 29 cm)

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