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MONTREUIL (93), France
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Coming from a large family of Vietnamese origin, a cultural mix in his home and his friendships, will forge the personality of the man who never ceases to define himself as a figurative urban painter.

Ernesto Novo joined the School of Decorative Arts in Nice and then the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg in 1990. After a passage in press drawing in digital, he does not lose the mastery of other means such as brushes, markers and bombs that he practices in the street and in the workshop.

Pop-Art and African Art in the choice of his colorful subjects, Hip-Hop, Soul, and Jazz to boost him during his performances and multiple trips to enrich his vision of the World.

Collaborations with : StreetArt Alley gallery, Galerie Art Bref, The Ministry of Culture and Communication, Pullman Hotels, Museum of the History of Immigration, the National Archives, Drouot and Christie's auction room, Tazama festival Congo Brazza, Spray against Cancer Belgium, Street Art magazine, Artension, La Manufacture 111, Galerie Lithium, Royal Talens, Desperados, Posca, Auchan, Soul Jazz Festival, Lancel, Sephora, Giorgio Armani, Wrung, Caterpilar, Play me i'm yours, Dedicate magazine, Urban Peace 3, Tekken, ...

This artist is exceptionally presenting his works on KAZoART as part of the Street Art Sale for Emmaus International.

Graduated from the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg in 1990.

Huge and meaningful productions:

1/ My building with the 10 portraits at 64 Moulin des Prés (MétroTolbiac). May 2019 For Enlarge your Paris x Paris Habitat x Le Sentier street art du Grand Paris @vianneydelourme

2/ The Peace Wall. 18 portraits on a 63 meters long and 3 meters high wall in the playground of the Edmond Michelet college in the 19th. Thank you @sitoumatt and @sylvie_laporte_the_door_.

ERNESTO NOVO's artwork

Emmaus Int'l Sale
Acrylic painting (38 x 70 cm)

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