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SURESNES (92), France
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Ers starts to be interested in graffiti in 1987, he starts with photography and goes in search of graffiti on the SNCF Paris Saint Lazare railway line. It is only at the beginning of 1989 that he makes his first illegal painting, from then on photography and graffiti quickly become a hobby or a necessity.

In the 90's he collaborates with the first fanzine sold on newsstands, 1TOX magazine, a fanzine dedicated to street art. With time, graffiti takes up a lot of space and he abandons photography with the arrival of digital technology. The encounters follow one another, the walls too, and it is only at the beginning of 2000 that he creates his first painting.

The appearance of the street art phenomenon arrives in Paris with the emergence of many artists and Ers makes new artistic encounters (Epsylon Point, Spray Yarps) which will modify his work on wall as well as on canvas. The stencil technique complements the graffiti technique.

Afterwards, he started to mix graffiti and stencil on wall and canvas, this rather unusual combination still serves him well and the result is quite surprising. Two separate worlds but from the same background: the street. Today Ers is still active on the graffiti scene, after more than 30 years of painting!

This artist is exceptionally presenting his works on KAZoART as part of the Street Art Sale for Emmaus International.


Most important exhibitions:
- Espace Pierre Cardin (2014)
- Line 13 (2013)

ERS's artwork

Organic system
Emmaus Int'l Sale
Organic system
Mixed media (54 x 73 cm)

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