MONTREUIL (93), France
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Gino is a Parisian artist who started in the 90s in street art. He finds his inspiration in the streets of the capital and fuses his imagination with the concrete that animates his daily life, to produce a surrealist style.

Through his intuitive and felt technique, he makes us discover a rich and varied universe which pushes the glance well beyond appearances...

From stencil to bomb. From the figurative to the abstract to the surrealist in a world where we live one on top of the other in urban cities where consumption is king, everything to inspire it and its very anarchic walls where nothing is clean or dirty, a freedom that inspires it.

Street art shows the contemporary temperature of a society that is a little anti-respect, a consumer society where everything is disposable and recyclable.

This artist is exceptionally presenting his works on KAZoART as part of the Street Art Sale in aid of Emmaus International.


Collective exhibition "Les potos flingués", Galerie Lithium, Paris

Expo "Sexe Graffiti", Métamorph'Ose boutique / Phyléa 49, rue Quincampoix, Paris

Expo MusIcônes with BZT22, at Bab's Galerie, Paris

GINO NIGO's artwork

A la casse
Emmaus Int'l Sale
A la casse
Acrylic painting (50 x 65 cm)

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