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PARIS (75), France
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Pop street art artist committed to the cause of women. Isabelle Judith Aviva Hée, better known under the pseudonym IZa Zaro, lives in Paris, France where her mother introduced her to drawing in her workshop with the strong smell of marker pens.

Following her training in Applied Arts and Crafts among others, stencil and street art become an evidence ... Her collaboration with the urban artist Mosko will determine this choice. IZa Zaro exhibits in Paris, Tel Aviv, Montreal, Baku, Berlin, London, leaving her mark on their walls as well as in Morocco where she regularly intervenes.

A print or printing technique, from silkscreen to woodcutting, from batik to stencil, IZa Zaro, Pop Street Art painter and French urban activist, draws her path from her encounters to just brush the transmission in colors. His career explains this requirement to mix techniques to better talk about us... hence his collaborations with street art artists such as Jérome Mesnager or Anis.

Following his many travels, his reflection on the status of women in a male-dominated world, the pressure of the street and his extreme behaviour have pushed him to claim simple rights. IZa Zaro's work seems jovial and childish as it bears suffering and sweats from the intimate wounds she delivers to us.

The public is therefore the last link that makes the choice to stop at the surface of the work or to take the risk of taking another step to get inside the artist's head: I am not a saint, I am! The woodcut and the paper stencil thus symbolize the woman who is so strong and yet fragile.

This artist is exceptionally presenting her work on KAZoART as part of the Street Art Sale for Emmaus International.

Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Art Appliqués et Métiers d'Art de Paris in 1987 and from the Corvisart School of Graphic Art in Paris in 1985.

Learning the African Batik technique during an artistic exchange in St Louis, Senegal in 2003 and the technique of woodcut and etching at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Appliqués Duperré.

- Nygren Hotel, Port Orford Oregon USA
- Renaissance Paris Vendôme (Marriott group), Paris

- Golf d'Orléans Limère
- Art shopping Carrousel du Louvre with the Street Dream Gallery
- Kykart Galerie, Maison Alfort
- La Forêt Escargot since 11 July 2019 Stalingrad/parc de la Rochefoucault/Malakoff (live performance and installation)
- Art shopping Carrousel du Louvre with the Street Dream Gallery
- International Emmaus Salon - Porte de Versailles Paris

France 2 - Tea or Coffee - February 2018 chosen by Marlène Shiappa, Minister in charge of Gender Equality

IZA ZARO's artwork

Woody a
Emmaus Int'l Sale
Woody a
Mixed media (50 x 30 cm)

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