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REZE (44), France
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Curious and jack-of-all-trades, LOEIL is in the line of the researcher, the one who experiments, mixes tools, and confronts genres to constantly enrich his work and make it progress.

Painter and muralist, like a chemist and through experiments in his different practices, he selects, doses, merges, and adjusts the contributions and effects of each element that composes his works. He observes how they act and influence each other, a colour awakening or sublimating another, or a task highlighting a regular gradation and making it live or express itself in a new way.

Habits and processes that are repeated over and over again, to refine and establish a library for moving forward, again and again. Sharpening, keeping only the best, only that which seduces the heart, just like the most beautiful colours, those that create vibration, travel, and emotion. Go to the essential and purify, or continue to search and combine.

The artist evolves as a tightrope walker in this stubborn quest, it's haunting, it takes time, even if immersed in this search it is no longer and disappears. Loeil doesn't pretend to anything, works out of fascination and passion, and because it is simply visceral. From minimal to saturation and from vectorial line to texture, he juggles and has fun with inspirations such as graphic design, abstraction or geometry.

Playing with the use of flat tints, colour gradations and visual patterns made of lines or dots, rhythm is the conductor and the essence of his compositions. Recently, he has been focusing his research on the illusions of depth and the vibrations that colours placed next to each other can provoke.

On canvas, he favours research focused on matter, texture and plastic, working in series on identical formats, playing with transparency and saturation. He composes as he goes from one canvas to another and undertakes changes of trajectories when new relationships are revealed that he seeks to control/ or appropriate and reproduce.

This artist is exceptionally presenting his work on KAZoART as part of the Street Art Sale for Emmaus International.

6 years of studies in graphic arts, practice of graffiti and muralism since 2001, first important exhibitions from 2009.

Galerie 59 RIVOLI, Paris - Curator: We Need Art

- Event LES RDV'S DU HIPHOP, Nantes - Curator: Pickup Production
- Biennale TEENAGEKICKS, "City Dawn", Nantes - Curator: More Colors

Galerie LE LAVO MATIK, "Les Murs Ouverts", Paris

ESPACE DES BLANCS MANTEAUX, "Le M.U.R. de l'Art", Paris + live painting - Curator : Le M.U.R.

CHAPPE Gallery, "Battle CMJN", Paris

LOEIL's artwork

Tribal area blue
Emmaus Int'l Sale
Tribal area blue
Mixed media (50 x 60 cm)

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