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BOUFFEMONT (95), France
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Miss Fuck, a native of Seine Saint Denis, was born in 1973 and has always been attracted to art, music, theatre and drawing. A self-taught artist, she uses different techniques such as stencil and mainly aerosol cans to create her canvases.

Time and encounters enrich her work and guide her towards different types of creation. She likes to experiment with all types of media, nothing stops her as long as she feels free to think and express herself. She refuses only one thing: to become insensitive. And that's why she usually chooses the street as a means of exhibiting so that she can share and exchange directly with her public.

Art, for Miss Fuck, represents a way to express her revolts and her blows. Her work defines her, her paintings are a personification of herself. Lively, impulsive, colourful, sometimes dark, often flayed, wounds, an atmosphere, a skilful mix in constant reaction that makes up Miss Fuck's punk universe so particular.

This artist presents exceptionally his works on KAZoART as part of the Street Art Sale for Emmaus International.


2019 :

Emmaus Salon - Porte de Versailles - Paris

Collective Expo - Mur Ouvert du Lavo//Matik - Paris

Expo Collective - Street Art in hospital - Stroke Collective - Île de France

Group show - Mange Disc - Montreuil 93

2018 :

Collective exhibition - Noel des alternatifs - 59 Rivoli - Paris

Collective show - Alternatives fait son cirque - Cirque Electrique - Paris

Collective Exhibition - Future is not Dead - Corinne Bonnet - Paris

2017 :

- Emmaus Salon - Porte de Versailles - Paris

MISS FUCK's artwork

Emmaus Int'l Sale
Mixed media (50 x 65 cm)

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