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MONTREUIL (93), France
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Pakone, "Old school" graffiti artist, is a generous and curious artist, an essential actor of urban cultures in the Brittany region for more than 20 years.

Pakone began to practice tagging in 1988, a practice that quickly led him to graffiti. He joined the Beaux Arts of Cherbourg, aware of his dispositions and his artistic future, then returned to practice in Brest in 1998. Member of the C29 and the TSF crew, he multiplies meetings and fresco projects to participate in the beautification of cities and the promotion of an art that he defends as "a major movement of urban culture". He defends graffiti without convention, applying himself to painting in a pure, almost raw style, whether it be for decor, characters or lettering.

Pakone is constantly experimenting with supports, themes and techniques, his work evolves but the intention remains the same: "to change the world and the surrounding environment, on his own scale". On the wall he shares his conviction that "graffiti is a form of expression of contemporary art, open to the world and free, necessary for the good life of city dwellers". Pakone has the feeling of giving consistency to the city, through the emotional sharing linked to its form of expression, and the freedom of perception of the spectators.

His prolific work bears witness to his commitment to urban cultures and the richness of his forms of expression. Pakone is in perpetual quest for freedom, his thirst for experiences, encounters and creation give him the inspiration to plunge us into a universe on the border between graffiti, dreamlike and poetry.

This artist is exceptionally presenting his works on KAZoART as part of the Street Art Sale for Emmaus International.

Bac F12 Applied Arts Graduate of the Cherbourg School of Fine Arts

2020 (4 to 13 June) - Galerie iD POD (Brest)

2020 - Urban Art Auction (Rennes) auction 12 March

2019 - DEDALE (Vannes) Expo/Galerie Festival Just Do PainT (St Brieuc)

2017 - Up Fest (Bristol) Meeting of Style (Milan, 2016) and (Antwerp, 2015)

PAKONE's artwork

Just do paint
Emmaus Int'l Sale
Just do paint
Lithograph (70 x 50 cm)

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