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VITRY SUR SEINE (94), France
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Self-taught, Philouwer began with illustration and comics before moving into street art. He made his first weapons with the bomb before turning to chalk and pastel to transpose his universe on the walls. Mixing his various inspirations, he sketches always surprising "chalk tures" which are as many starting points for stories that the passer-by can imagine from his human-sized works.

This artist is exceptionally presenting his works on KAZoART as part of the Street Art Sale for Emmaus International.


La Belle Vitry'n LaBel Valette Fest (1st edition)

Group exhibition Births (with ArtMurs)

Collective exhibition A.O.B - Art works for biodiversity (with ArtMurs)

Urban Arts Festival

PHILOUWER's artwork

L'aube des reines
Emmaus Int'l Sale
L'aube des reines
Mixed media (61 x 46 cm)

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