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"Vincenzo, known as "Vincent" Pompetti, is an Italian artist born in Belgium in Liège, originally from Pineto and Atri, in the Abruzzo region. He studied at the St Luc des Beaux-Art Institute, graduating in 1998 from the comic strip section. 2 years later he publishes his first comic strip as a complete author at Glénat (Planète Divine), then starts a collaboration with the scriptwriter and graffiti specialist Tarek (Paris tonkar). This resulted in several significant series such as Sir Arthur Benton second cycle, which won an award at the Creil and Ajaccio book fair, or recently La Guerre des Gaules, as well as a tale of pirates (Le Malouin). They both invested in an independent publishing house, Tartamudo, with José Jover, and created an association of artists (Pegasus).

Vincent collaborates with the urban art magazine Paris tonkar, and in parallel, develops a career as a painter and illustrator, exhibiting in Switzerland (Starkart), Canada (Gallery 203), Italy and France mainly. Since his installation in Brittany in 2007, he also devotes himself to oil painting on canvas and illustration. Thus, several of his works have already been exhibited in Saint-Malo (Quai des bulles in 2008), in Liege, Paris and Brest in 2009, at the Napoleon gallery in Paris, or in Montreal at gallery 203 and at the Burlesque theatre, as well as in Switzerland (Starkart in Zürich), and he has created several posters for comic book fairs (Creil, Moulins, Bourges, St-Gilles,...).

In 2012 he begins a diptych adaptation of La guerre des Gaules based on the text by Julius Caesar, the first volume published in April, and which will end with the second volume in 2014, with a national exhibition at the "Tumulte Gaulois" in Clermont-Ferrand, and other historical sites such as Bavay or Serres Chevalier, and recently at the archaeological museum of Saint-Romain-en-Gal near Lyon. The Gallic War is exhibited with many plates at the Paris SoBD show at the end of November 2014. Le Malouin2, still published by Tartamudo, will be published in between the two volumes and will plunge readers into the world of privateers and pirates.

His latest publications as a full author are the release of two graphic novels (June 2015 and June 2017), "Les Anciens Astronautes" and "Constellation", which develop a science fiction / fantasy universe. In the same field, he works for Mnémos Editions for the re-release of the role-playing game "Nephilim". In 2018 "Pineto Dolce Vita" will be published, an illustration book in homage to his native village in Abruzzo, with the luminous colours of the Adriatic and the timeless charm of the region.

Vincent Pompetti was also a teacher of narration and comic strip and live model from 2010 to 2013 at the Pivaut school and is currently a teacher of painting and live model since 2012 at the Ateliers Terre & Feu in Rennes, an art school giving access to a diploma course.

This artist is exceptionally presenting his work on KAZoART as part of the Street Art Sale for Emmaus International.

Graduate of the St Luc des Beaux Arts Institute

Exhibition in Fougères - from 5 to 30/09/19 Mostra "Adriatico" - Hotel Corfù Pineto - Pineto 26-27-28/07/2019

Exhibition "Meetings History & Comics" - Château de Dampierre sur Boutonne from 26 /01/19 to 31/05/19

Exhibition St-Amand Montrond - Mondes & Merveilles (with JPHT gallery) 25/01 to 23/02/19 17/11 to 24/11/18

Mondes & Merveilles" exhibition by the JPHT gallery in Paris 09/11/18 : Opening at the ENC Paris school

Vincent POMPETTI's artwork

Emmaus Int'l Sale
Watercolour (31 x 50 cm)

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