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Renowned Artist Renowned Artist

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PANTIN (93), France
11 works

As young adult from 1976 to 1981, I realize myself in the fashion and the creation of clothes.
I am passionate about drawing that connects me to the body and to the human beings in a deep way.
1991, I create rag dolls that were very successful
In Roma, in front of Michelangelo's Pieta, my desire to sculpt is revealed ... I cannot restrain my tears in front of such a feat ... The Sculpture of the Master will be my way, or the expression of the feelings of the life! 
From 1993 to 2008, I acquired different techniques, modeling, drawings, engraving, painting

I joined the National School of Applied Art Duperré in Paris from 2009 to 2012, and in 2013 I am a training at Lycée Languier in Eu City to acquire foundry techniques

A certain look at the world around me capsizes me. I cannot hold back my empathy. Should I do it?
My eye is scanning, seated at a café terrace, or lost in the crowd, standing on a station platform or sitting in the metro: a real spectacle for me!
Our eyes, our body speak. No need for words, a watchful and benevolent eye is enough.
Searching the Soul to better capture the Truth, that is my goal.
It is in Difference that the Unique Being is born that we are.
The paths of Life define us, the residual strata of previous generations, combined with the present, knead the Unique Beings that we are.

The fatal evidences of our metamorphoses is a source of truth, "A Hymn to Life".

Without concessions, I transcribe what I deeply perceive, while remaining true to the anatomy. Favouring the fragility of aging bodies by revealing excess flesh, fullness of the breast, the depth of wrinkles or muscle tension, are all signs that bear witness to the history of a body that has weathered the storms of life. Undeniably, the scars of time are inscribed in our flesh and in our eyes.

A corner of the lip, a distant gaze, strong and expressive hands, everything interests me in bodies and faces. The smallest "flaws" are a quality, generous curves, joy, sadness, regrets, lines of expression, youth, are all criteria of Beauty, Authenticity and Sensuality that nourish my artistic expression.

Beyond me, there is You… the model, our history and our Experience!

My revelation was in front of "La Pietà" by Michelangelo, not possible to hold back my tears of emotion: making the material vibrate has become Vital. Sculpting is evident.

National School of Applied Arts Duperré in Paris

Lycée Languier in Eu, Foundry Section

training with great sculptors for several years before joining Dupérré


Paris, Erquy, Bonneval, Chateaudun, Domfront, La Ferté Bernard, Saclay, Mortagne au Perche, Belleme, Mamers, Versailles, Orgères ......


2020 (postponed for health reasons in 2021)

Guest of Honour, AAPP SAINT MANDE

Guest of Honour, Art in the street LUXEUIL LES BAINS

Sculpture Prize Salon Art et Matières de MAISSE

Guest of honor Salon des Artiste LE FAVRIL


Guest of Honour " Proustian Spring " ILLIERS-COMBRAY

Guest of Honour, Salon d'Automne Iris - OZOIR-LA-FERRIERE

Guest of Honour, 64th Salon d'Automne Gala, Somme - ALBERT

Guest of Honour Triennial Artec mondial Design Center - PARIS

Installation " Petit Bacchus " Sign 61 rue Saint Louis-en-l'Île PARIS


Salon des Artistes Européens à l'espace de Wallonie BRUSSELS

53rd Grand Prix of Painting and Sculpture Académie Boitât BARBIZON

Hôtel des Invalides in the lounges of the governor PARIS

Sculpture prize Salon d'Automne Iris - OZOIR-LA-FERRIERE

4th Autumn Show in Indre et Loire - SAINTE-MAURE-DE-TOURAINE

Sculpture Prize 72nd Salon des Artistes Hurepoix - SAINTE-GENEVIEVE-DES-BOIS

Salon des Arts Prix Univers des Arts and Guest of Honour - RIBEMONT-SUR-ANCRE

Grand Palais, Art en Capital Salon des Artistes Français Mention - PARIS

50th Salon Ile de France Silver medal - BOURG-LA-REINE


Guest of Honour, "Poésie des Formes" - COURVILLE SUR EURE

22nd Salon du Lions Clubs, Mairie Paris 8ème -médaille PARIS

European Free Salon Pallast BERLIN Gallery

64th Salon de Charenton Art and Freedom CHARENTON

Academy Arts Sciences Letters Silver Medal - PARIS

Bust of Marcel Proust, Inauguration - ILLIERS-COMBRAY

51st Salon des Arts ADAC Prix Univers des Arts - CHATILLON

39th Salon Fontenay-aux-Roses, Prix du Public FONTENAY-AUX-ROSES


Autumn Fair Alapardo Artec World Cultural Centre MADRID

63rd Salon Groupe des Beaux Arts Prix de la Ville - LE-RAINCY-VILLEMONBLE

Cercle des Artistes de Paris Prix du Jury Sculpture Parc Floral - PARIS-VINCENNES

Guest of Honour Sculpture Brushes of Africa - PARIS

Artec Mondial Triennial, at the Design Center Prix du Public PARIS


Guest of Honour Collegial Saint André with the Territorial Agents CHARTRES

Val de Marne Artists' Salon Prix de la Ville - LA-VARENNE-SAINT-HILAIRE


Public Prize 19th Art and Creation Fair - SAINT-GEORGES-SUR-EURE


Jury Prize 16th Art and Creation Fair - SAINT-GEORGES-SUR-EURE


21st Artistic Meeting of the Public Award - NOGENT-LE-ROTROU

Grand Palais, Art en Capital Salon des Artistes Français PARIS

YBAH's artwork

Bronze Sculpture (20 x 77 cm)
Le destin en marche
Le destin en marche
Bronze Sculpture (28 x 77 cm)
Bronze Sculpture (27 x 23 cm)
Lilly 9
Lilly 9
Bronze Sculpture (26 x 50 cm)
Giacomo c. gentilhomme vénitien
Giacomo c. gentilhomme vénitien
Bronze Sculpture (50 x 57 cm)
Bronze Sculpture (24 x 24 cm)
A la recherche ... marcel proust
A la recherche ... marcel proust
Bronze Sculpture (50 x 77 cm)
Domino n°1
Domino n°1
Bronze Sculpture (37 x 42 cm)
Conversation au hammam
Conversation au hammam
Bronze Sculpture (33 x 42 cm)
Bronze Sculpture (44 x 30 cm)
Reves croises
Reves croises
Bronze Sculpture (43 x 42 cm)

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