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Confirmed artist

4 works

Zeklo is a self-taught French artist from the graffiti movement. A traveler at heart, he travels the world with his bomb and pencil. On the walls or in his travel diary, his line is a real look at what surrounds him.

His figurative and colorful works represent the daily life of those who cross his path. Contemplative, patient, he likes to show what the eye cannot see, to focus on the details, to reveal their importance and their character, to discover the hidden side of each one. Zeklo internalizes the world in order to externalize it with his own subjectivity. His studio work allows him to mix different techniques and enhance other media (canvas, paper, etc.) than the wall.

Since the early 2000s, he has traveled the world and has appeared in France and abroad at official Street Art events (London, Copenhagen, Marrakech, etc.). Today, it's a Zeklo who has matured, evolved while keeping his paw. His work has calmed down, calmed down, disciplined too. "Today I work with models nearby, it allows me to do series, to develop my subjects. As I take the portraits, I appropriate the features of my model so that he becomes a style and no longer a person. "

Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite movement, Zeklo also pays homage in his approach to one of the founding painters of the movement, Gabriel Dante Rossetti, who painted the same woman all his life. Like Rossetti, Zeklo is a painter of the soul where his characters stand in the middle between reality and fiction.

In terms of technique and palette, the artist is also evolving: "I now limit myself to colors, I want them less flashy and softer, more autumnal. I wanted to constrain myself and stick to a dial tone. Usually I like to paint fast but being locked up in 2020 has taught me patience. I now take more time to better transcribe the line with the brush. I am looking for a neater, calmer, more peaceful job. "

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Zeklo is a self-taught artist. He is also a recognized tattoo artist based in Brussels and invited in many tattoo shops around the world.

2020 : Exhibition "Les mêmes wagons" - Villa Tschaen Colmar - September

2019 : Exhibition at the Gallery - ESCAPE - July 25 to September 29

2019 : Salon d'Antibes - April 20 to May 2

2019 : Affordable art fair Brussels - March 15 to 17

2019 : Art up ! Lille - February 28th to March 3rd

2018 : Coop Live Festival Puilacher (34) - June

2017 : Château des Marres - Saint Tropez - July 30th to September 10th

2017 : Museum of Urban Arts and Street Art - Jura - July 7 to 23

2015 : Ouf ! Nîmes (30)

2014 : Ouf ! Nîmes (30)

The 4 works of artist Zeklo

Zeklo - Sans se retourner
Mixed media
89 x 130 x 2 cm
Zeklo - La danse
Mixed media
80 x 120 cm
Zeklo - Klara
Mixed media
100 x 100 x 2 cm
Zeklo - Savoir-faire
Mixed media
80 x 120 cm

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