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Sophie de Fournas

Sophie de Fournas

Renowned Artist Renowned Artist

9 fans

CHATOU (78), France
5 works

Through the drawings of the painter EDGAR DEGAS, Sophie de Fournas finds an infinite source of inspiration for her sculptures. NUS occupies a primordial place in Degas' universe as in his. These naked women entering or leaving the BATH, find themselves in their deepest intimacy, in their care, their toilet ... This energy as a form of MEDITATION helped her to focus on HEALING, then on CONSOLATION afterwards. illness and finally on BLESSED. Each of the statues in this series expresses the interiority of body and mind but also the fusion with their own feelings and rediscovered needs!

Sophie de Fournas comes from a family passionate about Painting and Sculpture. His great-grandmother Aary-Max was a Sculptor (awarded at the INDEPENDANTS) and a Poet. His great-grandfather was an Art Collector. He was thus the first gallery owner of CHAGALL. In the newspaper "Rapide" of March 14, 1911 "" Our Toulouse artists will once again be represented with dignity at the National Exhibition of the Grand Palais, which will soon open in Paris. This delicate sculptor Aary-Max exhibits two statues which will not fail to attract attention by the safety of the lines, the precision of the model and the truth of the attitudes…. Aary-Max exhibited two years in a row at INDEPENDANTS where her success was real…. "

It is quite naturally that she feels the need to revive and honor the elders and especially Degas whom she admires specifically for these naked women drawn and worked tirelessly.

Today, her art is still figurative ... Fascinated and passionate about the human being and more particularly the Woman, she works by seeking to touch the expression, the humanity, the intimacy and the emotion that he clear. For a long time, most of his sculptures were in patinated terracotta, worked with patience and precision, from live models for many years, then from photos, now from drawings. Today, she devotes herself primarily to bronze, which gives her terracotta another dimension and gives her the joy of applying different color variations thanks to the oxidation of nitrates worked with a torch.

Like her mother as a woman, her father forbade her to go to an art school even though it was her wish, but here she is, SELF-IDACTED for 50 years.

FIFTY years of modelling, of observing bodies, faces, their movements, their expressions and their emotions. The prohibition of a father (my grandfather Maurice) for his only daughter (my mother) after four boys and yet the passion of my great-grandfather Art Collector Charles Malpel husband of the Sculptor Aary-Max my great-grandmother.

Guided by her mother since the age of 8 in Lyon, she assiduously attended the modeling workshops, then in Paris at the Decorative Arts of the Louvre, then those of the City of Neuilly-sur-Seine with Nathalie Decoster, then in Suresnes, Croissy-sur-Seine with Gianina Lanata, in Saint Germain en Laye with Florence Jacquesson, in Croissy-sur-Seine with Maud du Jeu passing by the Atelier libre Pièce Unique de Fourqueux of Cecile Coutant where she befriended other artists: Mathilde Greyffié de Belcombe, Solveiga, Marie Ducas, Caroline Morandi Jonhson, Isabelle Radigois and Dominique Gault, Olga Novokhatska, Gael Rouxeville, Laurence Moracchini, VAESCA.... "For me, Art is shared and enriched by artistic friendships. "Everything is ephemeral and the ephemeral is sometimes divine...

GALERIE LAURENCE MORACCHINI, 11 rue Thiers 78110 Le Vésinet initially scheduled from January 1 to 30, 2021 extended until March 20

GALERIE DE L'EUROPE, 55 RUE DE SEINE, 75006 PARIS from 6 to 19 July 2020, with Olga Novokhatska and Gael Rouxeville Female intimacy and Degas

EXPO 4 ART, Halle des BLANCS MANTEAUX, 48 rue Vieille-du-Temple 75004 PARIS, from 20 to 22 December 2019 with Solveiga

BIG CONTEMPORARY ART MARKET, Art Home Expo, CHATOU Ile des IMPRESSIONNISTES from 11 to 13 October 2019 with Solveiga

EXPO 4 ART, Halle des BLANCS MANTEAUX, 48 rue Vieille-du-Temple 75004 PARIS, from 27 to 29 September 2019 with Solveiga

Sophie de Fournas's artwork

La petite baigneuse
La petite baigneuse
Bronze Sculpture (19 x 21 cm)
Femme se coiffant
Femme se coiffant
Bronze Sculpture (21 x 21 cm)
Le bébé
Le bébé
Bronze Sculpture (27 x 10 cm)
Bronze Sculpture (31 x 11 cm)
La grande baigneuse
La grande baigneuse
Bronze Sculpture (22 x 23 cm)

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