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Yves Braun

Yves Braun

Confirmed artist
  • KAZoART artist since 2021

Filter or prism are the usual writings of glass sculpture and the means of playing the score of a visual game with light flows. Yves Braun's fluorescent sculptures escape this reading and offer a fresh look at the quality of light and the division of colors. Associated with glass, fluorescence calls out for its novelty, but above all for its impossible nature because it is a light revealed by matter. It is another language, carrying a new poetry of light.

Yves Braun's sculptures invite one to abandon the gaze in this elusive and experience an impossible journey, to this mythical and marvelous non-place where matter is erased and tells its light ...

"... here light transcends reality and brings us to a mystical dimension that refers to the cosmogonies in which it is at the origin of creation and life." - Laurent Subra, Director of the Carmaux Glass Art Center / Museum

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Yves Braun - Le gémeaux
Yves Braun
Glass Sculpture
12 x 28 cm
Yves Braun - Vol de nuit
Yves Braun
Glass Sculpture
14 x 39 cm
Yves Braun - Le météore
Yves Braun
Glass Sculpture
11 x 33 cm
Yves Braun - Danse de minuit
Yves Braun
Glass Sculpture
12 x 52 cm
Yves Braun - Summertime
Yves Braun
Glass Sculpture
15 x 40 cm
Yves Braun - La petite fabrique
Yves Braun
Glass Sculpture
10 x 20 cm
Yves Braun - Totem
Yves Braun
Glass Sculpture
14 x 52 cm
Yves Braun - Shaman
Yves Braun
Glass Sculpture
16 x 49 cm
Yves Braun - L'île en friche
Yves Braun
Glass Sculpture
12 x 23 cm
Yves Braun - Comète 1
Yves Braun
Glass Sculpture
14 x 72 cm
Yves Braun - Jeune monarque
Yves Braun
Glass Sculpture
13 x 58 cm
Yves Braun - Lever de lune sur Mars 1
Yves Braun
Glass Sculpture
15 x 25 cm

Yves Braun's Career

Yves Braun was born in 1958 in Brussels. DPLG architect at the Institut Supérieur d'Architecture de l'Etat - la Cambre - Brussels, in 1982.

Architect and designer activity from 1982 to 1992.

Self-taught glass artist and visual artist, he set up his workshop in France in 1989.

Curious and inventive artist, his research on light leads him to the creation of a polychrome range of fluorescent glasses. His sculptures use the technique of glass cast on a sand bed.



- Passage Kim en Joong, Ambert.

- Gallery les Arts du feu, Rouen.

- Les Arts en Balade, Clermont Ferrand.


- AMAC, Medium Verre, Chamalières.

- Arcadia, les Ateliers du Palais, Riom.

- Bruges, Salle du Beffroi, 12 French artists, Belgium.

- Yves Braun and Ludovic Vesseaux, Riom.


- Espace de la Calende, Rouen.

- MauMu Gallery, Maumusson-Laguian.

- Metamorphik Gallery, Lyon.

- Cap Sittelle Gallery, Cap Ferret.

- Hotel Rochegude, Albi.

- Gallery L'Ecu de France, Viroflay.

- Artes Gallery, Pont-Sainte-Marie.


- Carte blanche, Saint-Leu-la-Forêt.

- 8th Biennial of glassmakers, Carmaux.

- SNSP Exhibition, Sculpture, Trélazé.


- 16th Arts and Fire Exhibition, Martre Tolosane.

- European exhibition of art crafts, Strasbourg.

- Contemporary Art Center, Glass and Innovation, Issoire.

- International meeting of glass arts, Sollies-Pont.


- Biennials of glassmakers, Carmaux.

- Villa Arnaga, Cambo les Bains.

- Conques Cultural Centre, Conques.

- European Days of Art Crafts, Clermont-Ferrand.