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Joel Vergne

Joel Vergne

CARROS (06), France
9 works

Joël VERGNE born in 1953 - Corrèze - France.

Various internships throughout his professional career (painted decorations, scenography, art foundry - stone cutting - metalwork - molding and resins.)

Son of a mother, watercolor artist and art teacher very early on, Joël VERGNE had provisions for drawing and painting. After a long career in painted stage decorations, he turned to sculpture more than 20 years ago.

His talent lies in the faculty of making characters from photos and documents for cities as well as of creating bronze works of art intended to embellish the urban landscape.

Artistic studies 1975/78: School of fine arts of Angoulême - Graduate of the technical school of Egletons EATP - Corrèze.

Main exhibitions and achievements.

2021 : Low relief in Bronze 2.10 m x 1.45m representing the generations that made the MANE group (06).

2019 : Winner of the national competition for bronze "FLEMING" Overseas community of Saint Martin.

2018 : Creation and realization of the fountain of "LA NAPOULE" on the theme "Aux Bateaux".

2017 : Winner of the national competition of the new war memorial of GONESSE (theme: the child and the war, the child is the future)

2016 : Invited to the symposium on marble of Mandelieu la Napoule - Work on PEACE Winner of the national competition for the new war memorial ISOLACCIO DI FIUMORBO (bronze soldier 1915)

2014-2015 : Personal work - ART3F NICE exhibition - Le Point Gallery (Vence)

2013 : Prize " STAR DES METIERS " best company in its field. Chamber of Trades and Crafts CMA06

2012: Various projects monument OPEX 1 - ABBE PIERRE - QUI-SOMMES-NOUS

2011-2012: Winner of the national competition for the memorial work. - Rifleman of Menton - military cemetery. - Monument Pascal PAOLI City of Ajaccio - CG Corse du sud.

2010-2011 : Winner of the national competition for the commemorative work of Abbé J.B FOUQUE AURIOL City Hall - General Council of Bouches du Rhône.

2008-2009 : Winner of the national competition for the memorial of Antoine PINAY. Mayor of Saint Symphorien sur Coise 69 SENAT - General Council of Rhône

2007 : Creation and realization of three monumental sculptures for the group PROMOGIM NICE.

2006 : Guest of honor at the contemporary art show Nice ART.

2005: Creator of the international trophy of the human rights of B'NAI B' RITH. Personal exhibition at the Majestic Hotel in Cannes.

2004 : Creation of the collection of bronzes "quintessence" / Creator of the trophy of the 70 years of the cafés MALONGO - CARROS 06 Price " Prestige of the art " City of Nice exhibition in the Mediterranean University Center.

2003 : Exhibitions at the Monaco Contemporary Art Show / CANNES MIPIM International Art Week in Saint Tropez with Alain KLEINMANN.

2002 : Quintessence Man acquired by Mr. Djorak deputy mayor of Prague invited to the MIPIM exhibition 1st prize for sculpture of the city of Nice.

2001: Exhibition of sculpture at the international exhibition of CANNES MAPIC - personal collection in bronze and marble.

1990-1997 : Creator and director of stage and opera sets / Director of sets for the REED MIDEM EXHIBITION group for 8 years.

1990: Director of the decor of the town hall of St Cyr sur mer, reproduction of the painting of David "Oath of the palm game".

1989 : Creator and director of the iconographic animations commemorating the bicentenary of the French revolution on the large rest areas of the French motorway network.

1984 1988 : Various stage sets and personal exhibitions.

1983: Personal exhibition painting - drawing on the circus / invited to the Festival of the circus of Monté Carlo

Joel Vergne's artwork

La danse
La danse
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Bronze Sculpture (19 x 38 cm)
Marble Sculpture (15 x 42 cm)
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Bronze Sculpture (12 x 42 cm)
-10% in the Special Offers
Bronze Sculpture (27 x 45 cm)
Marble Sculpture (31 x 42 cm)
Bronze Sculpture (33 x 53 cm)
Bronze Sculpture (18 x 44 cm)
Bronze Sculpture (31 x 45 cm)
Bronze Sculpture (45 x 80 cm)

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