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Dorian Mercier
Dorian Mercier

Dorian Mercier


9 works

An art teacher, Dorian Mercier's personal practice is mainly oriented around ink drawing and engraving.

In "Paths to Nowhere", Heidegger postulates that art happens when the work opens a space in front of which the viewer has a completely new experience. He explains how the space opened by Monet's Water Lilies makes us lose our bearings. In front of the work, he evokes the feeling of not knowing whether to walk, swim or fly.

In the same way, Dorian Mercier's work invites the viewer to have a specific experience of space, foreign to that which our senses give us in our ordinary life.

The ink unfolds on the sheet, creating spaces formed by the alternation of the ink and the reserve. By constructing a highly contrasted image, alternating empty zones with others saturated with details, the artist aspires, through an effect of retinal saturation, to capture the viewer's attention, to make him lose his bearings in order to provoke a poetic reverie. A reverie in which the spectator, while walking through the space of the work, also walks through his inner space.

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2009 Prepa applied arts

2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts

2011 Design course in fine arts

2014 Master of Fine Arts

2015 Capes of plastic arts

2021 - Rougier et Plé - Rouen

The 9 works of artist Dorian Mercier

Dorian Mercier - Vapeurs nocturnes
50 x 50 x 1 cm
Dorian Mercier - Blocs
Ink drawing
150 x 130 cm
Dorian Mercier - Un acacia
Ink drawing
117 x 77 cm
Dorian Mercier - Paysage V
111 x 57 cm
Dorian Mercier - Paysage VI
42 x 67 cm
Dorian Mercier - Paysage II
106 x 37 cm
Dorian Mercier - Paysage I
Ink drawing
106 x 36 cm
Dorian Mercier - Paysage III - le col
Ink drawing
106 x 36 cm
Dorian Mercier - Trace I
30 x 24 cm

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