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Florence Maussenet
Florence Maussenet

Florence Maussenet



Florence Maussenet seeks to promote joy, serenity and balance for everyone. Her work consists in restoring the moments, questionings or emotions during which gravity and lightness intermingle. She instills in each of her works her search for calm, appeasement, and her desire to attach herself to the essential things in life by freeing herself from human vanities. In a world under permanent pressure, running after empty objectives dictated by economic "beliefs", she dreams of a world where the human being and nature are at the center, where the goal of each person becomes the balance and happiness of all.

She draws her inspiration from the realist, impressionist or Nabis masters whose management of light and choice of subjects she admires. Gauguin's shimmering colors, Hopper's search for poetry in the banality or Vermeer's play of light have nourished her research and continue to feed her artistic production.

She works from photos, most often personal, which have in common a bright luminous atmosphere. Facing the canvas or the blank Canson paper, equipped with her oils or pastels, she quickly models the silhouettes and makes the great tones appear by flat tones of colors; thus creating a raw atmosphere on the paper, an ideal vision in her mind. Then, guided by her vision, she proceeds by going back and forth between the whole and the detail, precisely affixing her brush to the canvas to deposit a touch of light, or by wider movements, brushing flat areas with oil in order to model the volumes. The rest is a game. She looks for the vibrations of colors, imperceptible, between the elements, in order to seize the subtle tint of the mutual reflections, which her brush will deposit at the corners of a lip or in the surrounding air, thus finalizing her work.

In front of his paintings, the spectator remembers a luminous, soothing or joyful moment of life, or like his models, is invited to question himself in order to find, with them, the essence of life.

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2021: Training as an "Entrepreneurial Artist" with La Condamine

2013-2021: Student of Jorge Borras at the Society of Artists of Vaucresson

1997: Chemical engineering degree in tannery

September 2021: Virtual collective exhibition Notre Temps/Our Time organized by Artcan and La Condamine under the aegis of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts

August to present: Exhibition with l'Art à l'oeuvre - Versailles

May 2021 and 2019: Market of painters and creation of Rueil-Malmaison

December 2018 to February 2019: Exhibition at the Credit Mutuel of Garches

March 2017- 2018-2020: Participation in the Talents of Bailly

2014 to 2016: Open house of artists' studios in Vaucresson - Garches - Saint-Cloud

The 11 works of artist Florence Maussenet

Frites maison
Oil painting
65 x 81 cm
Oil painting
92 x 72 cm
Les bruyères
Oil painting
65 x 81 cm
Droit devant
Oil painting
60 x 60 cm
En attendant
Oil painting
92 x 65 cm
Transat bleu
Oil painting
61 x 46 cm
Oil painting
61 x 46 cm
Oil painting
40 x 40 cm
Oil painting
60 x 80 cm

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