Jean-Pierre Vieville

Jean-Pierre Vieville

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La capelle masmolène (30), France
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MAIN STEPS - It was the expressive forces of plastic writing that drew my attention in the 1980s. For another ten years, I leave an important place to the anecdotal in my work. Then, little by little, I try to keep only the emotional as a basis for research. I think that my approach today is in line with the "Lyrical Abstraction" trend.

WAY - My techniques are mainly focused on oil. I particularly strive to extract from the different materials what seems to me to be the most in tune with the expressiveness I want to convey from a lived emotion. In this vein, I have been influenced by artists committed to writing the form, such as Egon Schiele, or Hubert Berke more recently.

TRAINING - My active life begins with industrial design, then I become a model and advertising photographer.
Meanwhile I paint as a dilettante. It was in the 1980s that I saw art as a means of responding to my "inner necessity". From the point of view of the rules of art, I find in the specialized literature and in the works of the Masters, the essential bases useful to my plastic expression. From the point of view of emotion, and in my opinion this is the true source of art, I use my aesthetic feelings in front of everything that presents itself to me. I search by chance for what touches me, I appropriate it and propose it to you. Were the factors of chance not the determining factors for you to be able to read this sentence?

1989 - SEVRES, L’Atelier Audibert
1990 - ST GERMAIN, Galerie des Coches
1991 - PARIS, Espace Aufroy
1992 - SEVRES, L’atelier Audibert
1992 - PARIS, Galerie Perrine Masselin
1993 - HONFLEUR, Galerie Le Fleuron
1994 - BRUXELLES, Galerie Lorelei
1997 - PARIS, L’Autre
1997 - ST ETIENNE DU ROUVRAY, Union des Arts Plastiques
1999 - ROUEN, CIN 1999 - OUVILLE L’ABBAYE, Biennale d’Art Comptemporain
2005 - ST VICTOR DES OULES, Espace des Oules
2008 - GENEVA, La Cité d’Art
2008 - PARIS, Galerie Visio Dell Arte
2010 - LAUDUN, Salon d’art contemporain
2011 - GAUJAC, Galerie Arthe
2012 - APT, Sylla space with Art-Selection
2013 - UZES, Indigo
Gallery 2014 - UZES, Galerie la Verrière
2014 - UZES, "Tangible abstractions"
2014 - ALLEGRA LES FUMADES, la maison de l’eau
2015 - UZES, Galerie des Capucins

Jean-Pierre Vieville's artwork

Floor pressure
Floor pressure
Oil painting (89 x 116 cm)
Oil painting on paper 1 peinture abstraite
Oil painting on paper 1 peinture abstraite
Oil painting (38 x 28 cm)
Des gouttes d'hier, art abstrait
Des gouttes d'hier, art abstrait
Oil painting (81 x 65 cm)
Blue layers, tableau abstrait
Blue layers, tableau abstrait
Oil painting (116 x 89 cm)
Les racines du ciel, tableau abstrait
Les racines du ciel, tableau abstrait
Oil painting (100 x 100 cm)

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