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Dominique Meunier
Dominique Meunier

Dominique Meunier

Confirmed artist

20 works

Born in 1966, Dominique Meunier is an award-winning visual artist whose work is exhibited internationally. Dreamlike and fragile, his singular work is composed of paintings, drawings and writings. With a clear sense of nature, and self-taught in his style, his gesture reinterprets the landscape between dream and reality, drawing inspiration from all those places that pull the soul out of its lethargy.

His trajectory gives an essential place to gesture, intuition, chance and the unforeseen, deliberately letting the unexpected operate on the canvas. At the base of a meditative and poetic aesthetic turned towards the essential where it is question of renunciation, of spirituality, he arrived in his recent works at this point of stripping where he makes the simple deep by approaching the real direction of the things where the borders between the absence, the almost nothing, the invisible, and the presence of the totality of a saving nature that he has sanctuarized in its original beauty and that becomes a guide for contemplation, reverie, and opens the way to introspection. This beauty awakens in him feelings of absolute. It touches the divine.

As always with this artist, his approach has no reason to exist unless somewhere a thought is cultivated, a poetic is elaborated to recognize nature as the mirror of our souls as well as the timeless metaphor of the existence already carrying symbolic resonances which make perceptible the link between the real, the vital territory and the tenebrous space of the finitude. What is the real? Where does the flow of the life go?

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Teaching and passion transmitted by his mother, herself a painter Master's degree in Economics, Social and Political Screen Printing.


-Museums - Cultural centers Centre Culturel Renoir in Essoyes -Tokyo Métropolitain Art Museum

-Gallery 2023, Lons-Le-Saunier


-Museum of Saint-Frajou

-Luigi Bellini Museum, Florence, Italy

-MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Castel Hubertendorf, Austria

-Maru Art Center, Seoul

-Festival of Sacred Art of Compiègne

-39th Luneville International Autumn Exhibition

-Art Shopping La Baule

-Vis'Art Gallery, Lyon (since 2021 - permanent artist)

-Angle d'Art Gallery, Saint Blaise-Neuchâtel, Switzerland

-Mads Art Gallery, Milan


-Salons 2020 Edition of the Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts - Maison de la Culture du Japon, Paris.

-Salon d'Automne - Paris (2021 and 2020)

-Art Show Paris VII, Paris

-Meduina Schneider Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California

-Swiss Art Space - 7th edition Landscape and 8th edition Winter, Lausanne, Switzerland

-Paks Gallery, Vienna, Munich, Germany


-Paris Contemporary Art Show - by YIA Art Fair, Paris

-Contemporary Art Fair, Paris

-Mamag Modern Art Museum, 2nd International Fine Art Biennale, Basel, Switzerland

-Concept Store Gallery La Baule and Paris (since 2019- permanent artist)


-Carrousel du Louvre - Paris (2018)

-27th edition of the Lions Club Exhibition - Besançon, France - Invitations Invitation to the exhibition "From reality to dream" by Thibaut Froehly - Château Peugeot - Audincourt

Exhibitions Workshop-Prairie:

2019: "In the intimacy of my studio"

2018: "Clarity

2017: "Reminiscences and resilience

2016: "Matter and Sensations

2015: "The Trace

2014: "Song of the return

2013: "The Journey

2012: "Memory and the Sea

2011: "Reading in oneself

2010: "Blue Addict

2008: "Green Addict

2005: " Passing on the other shore " (in French)

2004: " Interval " (in French)

2003: " Fecund wounds ".

The 20 works of artist Dominique Meunier

The artist Dominique Meunier's series

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Series - Période bleue

Dominique Meunier - Fluidité
Dominique Meunier
Mixed media
93 x 65 cm
Dominique Meunier - Se recentrer
Dominique Meunier
Mixed media
80 x 80 x 2 cm
Dominique Meunier - La passe sans porte
Dominique Meunier
Mixed media
50 x 61 x 2 cm
Dominique Meunier - Naissance
Dominique Meunier
Mixed media
60 x 60 x 2 cm
Dominique Meunier - Se perdre
Dominique Meunier
Mixed media
54 x 80 x 2 cm


Dominique Meunier - Céleste
Dominique Meunier
Mixed media
60 x 60 cm
Dominique Meunier - Impermanence
Dominique Meunier
Acrylic painting
50 x 61 cm
Dominique Meunier - Genèse
Dominique Meunier
Oil painting
70 x 70 cm
Dominique Meunier - Entre deux mondes
Dominique Meunier
Oil painting
65 x 81 cm
Dominique Meunier - Phosphorescence
Dominique Meunier
Acrylic painting
60 x 81 cm

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