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Nadja Holland
Nadja Holland

Nadja Holland

Confirmed artist

11 works

Nadja Holland is a painter, member of the Taylor Foundation.

Her pictorial research revolves around the soul, between presence and absence. She superimposes, erases, scratches layers of paint, meeting the different scales of time, like segments, which speak of the past and the present at the same time.

"In my artistic work, I search for the soul in the successive dimensions of time. It is there, I see it and I feel that I can release it to make it appear, the space of a fleeting and fragile moment.
Like a sculptor, who sees the soul of beings, asleep in wood, marble or earth, I contemplate it behind layers of paint.
Today I know how to decipher, transcribe and tame the material. The first drafts exist to establish a dialogue with the unknown, the invisible, which manifests itself with sensitivity and patience; sometimes with violence, sometimes with gentleness.

In my painting, it is nature that creates the scene for the encounter with the soul. The embodied and sensual bodies are bathed in a halo of colors, a shimmering that is the indispensable element to reveal the essence in its pure state.
Each brushstroke corresponds to an ascending temporal line, each of these lines reveals a sign with its own truth and each of these signs allows one to climb degree by degree an inner ladder that leads to the revelation of the essence." Nadja Holland

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- HAW Hamburg, School of Decorative Arts in Hamburg, Germany

- Academy of Fine Arts Stockholm, Sweden


- Galerie Les Bigotes, Vannes, solo exhibition

- Le Gisant Gallery, Dinan, group exhibition 2021 FATart ART FAIR, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

- Gallery Art&Matières Auray, group exhibition


- Christmas group show, Gaïa Gallery, Nantes.

- Zone d'ombres", Château d'hermine Vannes, group exhibition of paintings

- "La nuit des galeries", Gaïa Gallery Nantes, in situ painting and group exhibition

- "Small art market" Rayon Vert Nantes, paintings


- Les ARCS, Queven, paintings, solo exhibition

- Cabinet Holstein, gallery space TOURS, paintings, individual exhibition

- Gallery Gaïa Nantes, paintings

- "Chance of Morgane", exhibition and sale of the works of the 25 artists of the gallery Gaïa NANTES.

- Grain de Sel, 56 Séné, individual exhibition, painting


- Gallery Olivia Ganancia group exhibition, painting

- Gallery Gaïa NANTES, group show, painting

- "Transition" gallery Arts Pluriels becomes gallery Gaïa, Nantes


- Cabinet Hollstein TOURS, gallery space

- Puls'Art LE MANS, contemporary painting exhibition



- Mill of Pen Castel, ARZON paintings


- Salon of paintings in Lorient


- Salon of paintings in the Palace of Arts, Vannes


- Gallery L'oiseau rare - VANNES, Paintings


- The Espace Châteauneuf, TOURS


- Trace to the past" - Museum Kirsten Kjaers Symposium in Denmark, Sculpture


- Tersaeus Gallery - STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Paintings


- Museum Kirsten Kjaers in Denmark - Paintings


- Gallery Rose, HAMBURG, Germany

The 11 works of artist Nadja Holland

The artist Nadja Holland's series

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Series - Traces

Nadja Holland - Look at me 
Nadja Holland
Mixed media
100 x 100 cm
Nadja Holland - Where is tomorrow
Nadja Holland
Mixed media
100 x 100 cm
Nadja Holland - Spirits XXI
Nadja Holland
Mixed media
26 x 30 cm
Nadja Holland - Traces IV
Nadja Holland
Mixed media
100 x 100 cm


Nadja Holland - « l’adolecence »
Nadja Holland
Oil painting
73 x 81 cm
Nadja Holland - 3robe rouge »
Nadja Holland
Mixed media
70 x 95 cm
Nadja Holland - The Mirror
Nadja Holland
Mixed media
45 x 45 cm
Nadja Holland - Avec fleur
Nadja Holland
Mixed media
50 x 60 x 4 cm
Nadja Holland - Transformation
Nadja Holland
Mixed media
50 x 50 x 4 cm

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